REDACTED has leaf tattoo shape inked on her foot
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The News for Sunday May 1, 2016
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The REDACTED daughters ponder their mother's tattoo
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REDACTED has gotten ink done. It happened during a meeting with old school chums. The tattoo is on her foot and symbolizes her friendship with school mates that have stayed in touch since graduation from High School at West De Pere High School. The girls group made up of mostly unnamed friends of REDACTED each have their own point on the leaf.
Every so often or at least once a year REDACTED and her friends assemble in Minnesota where a number of them live for a get together. This year they all agreed to do something crazy and get a tattoo on their foot to cement their friendship. This neat idea was not without pain however as REDACTED described getting the tattoo sitting in a high chair. REDACTED: "It hurt like a bitch" as tears came to her eyes just thinking of the pain as she reenacted the procedure. Apparently everyone cried as the tattoo's were applied and the pact was fulfilled. REDACTED says that now they all share the same tattoo and the painful procedure has made them "Blood Sisters".

REDACTED recently revealed the body art while participating in a Pure Romance party at Stephonia Prevost's home. "The Kat" while at the party noticed while REDACTED had her shoes off a design making it's way through her sock. REDACTED removed the sock to reveal the design and tell the associated story about why she decided to get the ink done.
Stephonia Prevost
No one thought REDACTED would ever get a tattoo at this stage of her life, but after a little coaxing from her sorority sisters the 53 year old mother of three let her guard down in a weak moment and allowed the ink to be injected under her skin. REDACTED when asked what her reaction would be if one of her two older daughters got a tattoo said that "they are adults and they make their own decisions". The daughters were somewhat taken back by their mothers decision and were without comment on the ink.
Note: The following article has been altered and the name of the subject has been removed by her request for reasons that cannot be discussed here.