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April 1, 2012
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A Katandmick photo
A drunken and blind Aimee Poquette-Richey desperately tries to find her way after wandering into a plowed field
                  imee Poquette-Richey is nearing the completion of her gestation period and about to give birth, along with that Richey if finding that this second impregnation is harder for her to deal with than the first.

Richey who now lives in Lawrenceburg Indiana became impregnated last year and is expected to give birth some time in mid April. Richey says that this pregnancy is in her words, "is kicking my ass" and finds that it is much more taxing to her ageing body than when she carried Anya Jo, her first child. She has accepted advice and help from her mother 
Joanne Lade who even though has only raised one child of her own, the aforementioned Poquette-Richey, offers guidance and and babysitting services without hesitation.

Lade has taken vacation time in the past to help out and has made numerous trips to the
Joanne Lade
Richey's home in the heartland to help her now rotund daughter with chores and spend time with her granddaughter. Lade has offered, and Richey has accepted an extended stay for Richey's first born Anya Jo Richey at her plush Alluoez home while Richey completes her gestation period and gives birth to the new Richey.

Lade has had Anya in the past and experienced little trouble with the girl except when trying to exit the Bay Beach Amusement Park before the Richey child was ready. After a good dose of wailing Richey was finally subdued and all was well again.

Lade will keep Anya Jo until Richey delivers the new child at which time Lade will make the journey back to Indiana to unite the entire family again allowing Anya to meet her new sibling.

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