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April 15, 2012
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A Katandmick photo
                   arl Seidl the two year old feline son of Mr. and Mrs. James Seidl was accidentally overcome after ingesting diabetes medication carelessly left out by Jean Poquette-Seidl. Even though the cat only ingested one pill the result could have been devastating.

The Seidl's who live in a modest Greenleaf home have populated their home with numerous pets in their failure to produce children since their recent marriage. The pets which substitute for the absent children have all been given names along with their very own identities which include a hierarchical status within the family. College savings accounts have not yet been established.

The incident occurred while the couple was preparing to attend a production of Norm Foster's "Maggie's Getting Married" a live play being performed at a local community theater. With both of the Seidls consumed by their quest to appear stunning in their attire, little attention was paid to their faux children Carl, Baxter, and Mandy. Apparently a pill was left out and of course you know how careless a two year old is, that combined with the natural curiosity of a cat and before you know it, the pill was in Carl's stomach.

Before long the couple's orange child became ill and lethargic and Poquette-Seidl became concerned. After rushing him to the local feline emergency room a "cat scan" revealed the pill. Carl was given a treatment of hydrogen peroxide, the equivalent of syrup of ipecac for humans, whereby he threw up most of the toxic med's ingested. The exact location of where that occurred is as of yet unknown according to this morning's interview with Poquette-Seidl.

Jean Poquette-Seidl in the emergency room with Carl as he gets a Cat Scan
Sunday mornings breakfast should include pancakes with a heavy dose of sugary maple syrup to counteract the medication. Jean Poquette-Seidl assured him that his condition would not need to be addressed this morning and the pancakes were unnecessary.  At last check Carl was perky and doing fine at home.
James Seidl, Carl's father worried about his youngest son's condition and surmised that Carl's
James Seidl
Saturday nights performance of "Maggie's Getting Married" was largely attended by the Poquette Family and friends last night. The production currently running at the Green Bay Community Theater features a cast of 6 and portrays a modern family the night before the youngest daughters wedding. The father played by this writer was the obvious sudden interest in theater by those in the family attending last nights performance.

Although the family liked all the actors their obvious favorite received cheers when first appearing on stage much to the wonderment of other actors backstage.
The actress playing Cass Duncan (Eileen Kozlovsky) wondered why there was loud cheering, something rarely heard during the show. I explained the situation whereby she asked if they were going to be doing it again. I explained to her that I could not be held responsible for their actions. Everyone remained in check for the rest of the show but erupted again at curtain call
which I appreciated very much. I think I can speak for the entire cast when I say I was happy to be a part or your evening entertainment and I thank you all for attending and your support throughout this endeavor.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Eileen Kozlovsky