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August 19, 2012
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A katandmick photo
                   he match between the Peoria Chiefs and the Wisconsin Timer Rattlers last night at the Fox Cities Stadium on Time Warner Cable Field ended in disappointment for the native Appleton team with a loss. One might be unimpressed by the performance of the already playoff bound Wisconsin team last night if it weren't 'the for the obvious talent exhibited by the opposing team. The Rattlers were simply out played by the notably better pitching by the Peoria Chiefs.

Last nights game was special in that Rattler fans who also were guests of the Axis of Evil and this publication; The Kat and Mick Report, go to the game once a year and are usually treated to a win by the hometown team. This year however it was not to be.

This years date selection was changed to a later time in the summer as opposed to a mid July outing because of other events occupying weekend days by other members of the Axis of Evil. Because of the rescheduling one of the usual guests had a birthday fall on the day of the game. Ellie Shilling (Right) was treated to an announcement on the main scoreboard by Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck proclaiming her birthday and her age. Shilling thanked Sobieck for the announcement but stopped short of applauding her choice to add her age on the tag telling Sobieck "Why didn't you put my bra size on their too".  Sobieck,
Jennifer "Jenny" Foxworthy produces bunny ears behind the head of an unsuspecting Ellie Shilling (left) at the annual T-Rats outing.
unmoved by her obvious disdain and sarcastic comment remained oblivious to the blatant posting of her friends extremely advanced age and suggested that she offer that information for next years announcement. Sobieck also purchased a baseball from the souvenir shop and had everyone
jot a short comment and sign the ball. It was presented to her while attendees sang Happy Birthday to her.
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
Of course prior to the game the usual tailgating occurred with food brought by everyone. Kevin
Sobieck and this writer cooked the food with small grills in the parking lot. For the second year in a row Alissa Vanlenen's friend Dean provided corn on the cob cooked in a gas deep friar. The corn was a big hit with many and few ears remained when clean up started 20 minutes before game time.
Tents were dismantled, and food and chairs put away before entering the stadium.

Several people failed to show up for various reasons, topping the list was Clara Pickett who was on her way to the game with husband Brandon but forced him to turn back and return him to her home because she was "sick". Stephonia Prevost surmised that Pickett was obviously impregnated because of the blatant sickness on the day of the game.  Brandon retorted that Prevost must also be impregnated because she was only drinking about half as much as she usually does.

One of those filling a cancellation was Justin Sobieck who consumed a notable amount of alcohol and relaxed his high standards regarding disclosure of facts in his love life. According to his sister Brittany Rezek, Sobieck told her on the record that he was dating an exotic dancer. Rezek immediately offered up her brother as the new topic of scandal on the KAMR, citing his newfound companion as proof of his loose behavior which Rezek was known for before her marriage to Jeremy. Rezek was willing to brand her oldest brother the new Oneida harlot but realized that the handle was inappropriate for a male and suggested that he be termed a "he whore" instead. Sobieck offered no official comment to Rezek's notice.

The game ended shortly before 10PM and fireworks entertained the crowd for another 10 minutes before those attending consumed one last drink in the parking lot before departure.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.