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August 26, 2012
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A katandmick photo
           aturday Jean Poquette-Seidl was surprised beyond belief as her children, friends, and family awaited her arrival at a local bar to help her celebrate her 50th birthday.

The stage was set and everyone was in place at the Just Stop In bar at 5316 State Hwy 57 De Pere half way between Green Leaf, Wrightstown and De Pere or a place I like to call De Greentown. Guests had arrived at least 15 minutes prior to the expected arrival of Jean Poquette-Seidl and her husband James. The Seidl's arrived at the scheduled time and entered the building from the rear whereby everyone yelled out the surprise upon their entrance.

Poquette-Seidl was surprised beyond belief and taken back when everyone in attendance was holding a Barry Manilow placard in front of their faces. Seidl recovered from the initial surprise well and immediately began collecting the placards and stowing them away to take home for her collection.
She read the cards then made the rounds to talk to everyone attending the party.

The idea for the party was conceived by Poquette-Seidl's daughter Jessie and husband James with most of the preparation being done by Jessie. She
coordinated the guest list and sent invitations as well as made sure there was adequate food on hand and saw to getting the venue in order for the party. James was in charge of getting Poquette-Seidl to the party on time and coming up with a reasonable excuse for going to the place at exactly the right time.
Jessica Poquette
Hors d'oeuvres were on hand before the arrival of the one time Queen of Chicken Night and dinner was served shortly after her arrival. Guests were seated in the dinning hall and people from the general public came in and mingled with party goers sitting at unused tables ordering their food.

By 10 PM most people had left the bar and the Seidls were packing it in as well heading for a night out on the town in Greenleaf. Seidl was joined by her three children and their friends as well as her grandchild Jordyn during the evening, and as a bonus Ashley's boyfriend Mike canceled his concert with the wildly popular local band 5 Man to be with his future mother in law. Seidl says she will never forget the good time she had Saturday night.
Ben Hansen 19, in an early morning accident in the city of De Pere escaped injury this past week when he collided with a stopped semi tractor trailer.
Hansen, who totaled his automobile in the accident received only minor cuts and scrapes and did not require hospitalization. According to Hansen he fell asleep at the wheel in Greenleaf and never awoke until he slammed into the back of the semi truck in De Pere. This is yet another story in Hansen's book of bad luck
stories since his graduation from high school.

An informal gathering at the Scott and Judy Treml household is planned for the afternoon of Labor Day. The holiday gathering boasts of swimming in the new pond as well as a variety of food served all day. The party which will be similar to a day on a cruise ship is to begin at 2PM, but Judy says people can come and go as they see fit and if those folks that can't see their way to make it in the afternoon can come in the evening. Food will still be available. Should the evening air become chilly a fire in the new poolside fireplace will warm up even the coolest of swimmers.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Ben Hansen
Jean Poquette-Seidl models her gift, a Barry Manilow scarf