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December 16, 2012
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           n what turned out to be a stunning turn of events the annual Fat Club Christmas Party was transformed into a birthday party for this writer.

The annual Fat Club Christmas Party which has been held at the upscale Sobieck residence on Florist Drive in Hobart for the last 25 years was transformed once again to a party house with the gathering of invited guests to honor your humble writer for my upcoming birthday of 6 decades. The party organized by the Kat and executed mostly by her, Kevin and Trixie Sobieck, the Pickett children, Brittany Rezek, Joanne Lade and others was a complete surprise to me. Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
A katandmick photo
suggested the date for the party be set before the end of the world on December 21st, so the date for the Fat Club Christmas party was chosen combining the two events even though my actual 720 month existence will not occur for another two weeks.
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
A small but loyal group turns out for the birthday party
Upon arriving at the Sobieck home I should
have been tipped off that something was awry when the number of cars seemed to be something more
than expected for a Fat Club dinner. I knew that there was something going on though when I got to the garage door and the guests (too many for a Fat Club dinner) were sitting in the garage with mustache's on.

Fun was had by all especially me and I want to thank everyone who came, and for the nice cards and gifts, especially my brothers Tom and Bill and my sister in law Cindy for driving over for the party and having to drive back in the fog.

Christmas Eve will be celebrated here at the KAMR headquarters as usual with dinner to be served at
about 6PM. Guests are encouraged to bring their own drinks and a dinner of ham and rolls will be provided. Those wishing to bring a dish to pass must co-ordinate the process with the Kat.

It is not necessary to RSVP but if you care to mention what your plans are it will be noted. So far most people have said they are coming with the exception of the Prevosts who have a
conflict with Rick's family. Stephonia Prevost made her apologies early and notified everyone that sadly they would not be attending the Christmas Eve party this year.

The HD 16 X 9 showing of the Turkey Bowl produced by Scott Treml, will again be featured in the living room and the lessor quality version, 4X3  will play in the garage.
That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Stephonia Prevost makes a point