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December 23, 2012
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A katandmick photo
                    hristmas Eve will once again be celebrated at the KAMR headquarters in regal fashion with guests numbering in the tens here in the Town of Oneida.

Ham and rolls will again be the main course which will be served at about 6 PM. Deserts, hors devours, and side dishes will be brought by the guests and should be coordinated with the Kat ahead of time. Guests should also plan to bring their own liquor and drink of choice however a bowl of holiday punch will be available for those not wishing to consume alcohol.

The traditional exchanging of gifts by picking names out of a hat has been replaced in recent years by a pool of gifts all in the theme of "as seen on 'TV". The exchange works this way. Those bringing gifts stand in a circle holding the gift they brought while someone reads a "left-right" story or turns music on and off while party goers pass the gifts in the circle. At some point the game stops and the gift you are holding is the one you now own. The opening begins and either you are surprisingly satisfied or deflated by the contents of the gift package.
Guests mingle and converse at the KAMR Christmas party
to disassociate themselves from adults and small children and will usually find an unoccupied corner or hallway where they can flock to like chickens hiding from a thunder storm. It is unknown what they speak of or what they are planning as they do not speak when someone comes by, and they swear to a code of silence.

You would have thought the world was coming to an end on the 19th when George Graphite and the lot were predicting the near extinction of the human race by the latest snowstorm on their radar. The storm they said would be a "blizzard" and would cripple northeastern Wisconsin and be a memorable weather event second to none. In reality the storm dropped 9.1 inches over a 24 hour period with the first snow being wet and heavy and mostly melted by the first night. The winds did pick up but the warning of a blizzard never materialized. Schools were called off on Wednesday night in anticipation of the storm and there was about two inches on the ground Thursday morning. The roads were plowed and wet by 8 AM however and remained that way for the rest of the day. About 3 inches fell overnight and was quickly dealt with by road crews and by 8 AM most roads were in good shape. Most students returned to classes on a delayed basis on Friday.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Most of the guests gravitate towards their own age group and find someone who they can relate to for the time they spend at the party. They sit and talk or in the case of the smokers they disappear to the garage for the remainder of the night watching the Turkey Bowl on the television provided. Teens prefer
Guests consume alcohol and smoke in the garage