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December 30, 2012
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A katandmick photo
                      fter years of procrastinating and excuses Adam Meeuwsen finally mustered enough courage to ask his beloved to become his wife.

Meeuwsen, 28 reenacted his proposal in front of a crowd of 48 onlookers to his beloved Amanda Van De Hei at the annual Kat and Mick Report Christmas Eve party. Van De Hei who is smitten with Meeuwsen and his family smiled as she played along with the charade and commented later that she "couldn't be happier to be a part of the Meeuwsen family."

After the proposal which occupied the crowd's attention for the peak attendance of the gathering, Meeuwsen toured the Kat and Mick headquarters showing off his bride to be and conversing and receiving congratulations from virtually everyone. Just as Meeuwsen was taken with Van De Hei so were the guests at the annual gala event. 
Many in the crowd could be heard to say what a wonderful girl Meeuwsen had chosen to become his life partner. As the two strolled the about the guests Van De Hei willingly showed off her engagement ring upon request and often a gasp followed by a sigh could be heard from the guests as they gazed upon the symbol of love given to Van De Hei by Meeuwsen. Still others went on to say that she had beautiful hands and should think about seeking work as a hand model.Meeuwsen
Amanda Van De Hei's ring
also said he admired her dainty and perfectly formed hands.

The couple has not yet formally set a date but said they are looking at a couple of prospects and stopped short of saying when they would set a date. Although no plan was announced as to where the couple would live after they tie the knot it is probably safe to assume they will live in Meeuwsen's plush townhouse apartment which will have to be converted from a bachelor pad to a honeymoon suite. The two stayed as long as the Meeuwsen clan hung around and left when they all did.
Although Willy Cornelius didn't want to admit it he had been hurt before the Turkey Bowl while playing in his semi pro championship game with the M&M Timberjacks. Cornelius 36,
finished the year a one of the champions of the league as their team went on to victory. His efforts to help win the championship did not come without some sacrifice however. Cornelius said that he hurt his knee during the game and his team trainer was certain that he had torn his MCL. Cornelius did not seek medical attention stating that he had had this condition before and it would heal on it's
own after some rest. The injury occurred shortly before the Turkey Bowl and Cornelius was unable to run efficiently during the game. He conceded that he played a poor game on the day of the bowl but refrained from saying why. Cornelius expects to be in top shape for next years Turkey Bowl and in his words "will take the trophy back".

The KAMR is seeking participation in the annual predictions for the upcoming new year. Next weeks edition of The Newsletter will feature the top ten stories of 2012 as well as the predictions for 2013. If you have an inkling as to what's going down email it to
That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Willy Cornelius
Adam Meeuwsen reenacts his engagement for the Christmas Eve party guests