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January 15, 2012
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                          illy Cornelius is now living with his father  and he couldn't be happier. Cornelius 32, said that he loves living with dad and said that he eats well and gets plenty of bar time, even though he does have to look after the old man now and then.

Eugene Cornelius Sr. formally married to Sue Wenzel is the father of four of her children with Willy being the youngest. Cornelius the senior lost his wife Barbara to cancer in November of last year. Since he now lives alone he welcomes the companionship of his youngest son and Willy shares in the daily chores connected to the Cornelius farm as well.  Willy: "Gene takes a lot of naps now."

Willy was injured in the Turkey Bowl this year and was not able to finish  the game. The captain of the Blue Jell-O's went out in the second quarter after he fell on the ball when pushed down during a play. Cornelius noted that he was pushed by his sister Kelly Wenzel and went down but the ball caused the injury. Wenzel however is taking credit for taking the semi pro player out of the title game according to Cornelius. Cornelius says this is "bull" and she will be getting hers next year.

Cornelius is staying busy working for a company that supplies scaffolding to the shipbuilding industry in Door County. He still is planning to pick up dog poop when the weather gets nice in spring for extra money.
Eugene "Blackie" Cornelius with his brother Willy
A katandmick photo
The semi weekly  Fat Club meeting that was scheduled for yesterday was canceled due to the Pickett Family Christmas party scheduled to meet at the KAMR headquarters yesterday afternoon. It is unknown if the next meeting will be this week or will stay on schedule and be the week after. The Kat, now in pain from a knee condition, suggests watching The Fat Club facebook page to determine the status before next weekend.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.