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January 29, 2012
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A katandmick photo
                     ith rising costs in the average household and expenses mounting from gasoline to electricity Shelly Sobieck thought a long time ago that one way to get ahead is to make your own quilts instead of buying them. Over the past 20 years Sobieck has been learning the craft and taking classes and seminars along with her mother 
Margaret Vanlanen. Often the pair could be seen at "The Fat Club" discussing various quilting techniques and certain fashions of wildly popular quilting designs while being mostly ignored by other members of the club. They didn't care because they were interested in the hobby and didn't expect to interest
anyone else with their insider talk of the cloth fabrications.
Margaret VanLanen
Shelly Sobieck with arms pinned back by an Asian Quilter
Sobieck known for her come on strong, aggressive style is very competitive at the aforementioned seminars and quilting classes and isn't afraid to fight someone for fabrics, patterns, quilting tools, or even a good spot at a table to sew on. This attitude is why the Hobart nurse was required to have corrective surgery to her shoulder last Thursday to put back parts that were viciously torn away from the bone in a quilt fight that has become all too common in recent months in the quilting community.

Sobieck who spent much of her life in the military came away from our nations service a better woman in many ways but the regimented survival like atmosphere in the US Air Force also taught the 45 year old to naturally react with violence when challenged. With such programming Sobieck can't help herself when someone challenges her for a seat, she naturally throws them on the floor.
All too common for ex military when getting out of service, they rely on instinct rather than common sense to everyday situations, and that's what gets
them into trouble. Sobieck's brother Robert Vanlanen 42, commented that he has not had the trouble his older sister is now battling with even though he himself has had a military career. Sobieck says that he managed to stay away from confrontation in the military and was able to keep his calm demeanor even in wartime deployment.
Robert Vanlanen
Sobieck's trouble began when she was agitated by an Asian quilter sitting in her spot at a recent quilting bee in another city. Sobieck found the Asian sitting in her spot and her quilt strewn about on the floor after returning from a bathroom visit. When ignored by the would be quilter Sobieck immediately grabbed the girl by the shoulder and demanded an answer. The Asian girl who it was said was a retired
career military under North Koreas Kim Jon Il anticipated Sobieck's move and spun around and pinned her arms behind her back demanding an apology. Sobieck immediately shrieked in pain and after panting a few times offered no apology and only barked out in a course
Kim Jong Il
voice her name rank and serial number. The Korean then threw Sobieck to the floor and in her native language called her a capitalist dog. Sobieck with the meat ripped away from her bones now was unable to defend herself but out of the side of her eye caught a glimpse of her mother Margaret Vanlanen rising to her feet and hobbling over to come to her daughters defense. By the time Vanlanen reached the scene of the disturbance however the Asian had finished her quilt, left the seminar, went home, cooked kimchi, and was in bed. Shelly and her mother returned home where after examination she had surgery on Thursday.  That's all the news that is news, see ya.