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March 4, 2012
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            t seems these days that every news story published on the KAMR is about Hobart's trendiest family, the Sobieck's. The folks over here at the KAMR even considered changing the name of this publication for a moment to "The Sobieck Report" but like I said, that only lasted for a moment.

Yes it's true that Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck and husband Kevin are about to become empty nesters with what seems to be a permanent transfer for young Logan Sobieck. The couple couldn't be happier about the situation and has been looking forward to this day since Logan was born. 

Sobieck has been seeking employment in the gas distribution field since his graduation from gas school two weeks ago. Just this past week a well known contractor from Baltimore Maryland contacted young Sobieck and offered him a job. Sobieck plans to move by the end of the month or at the very latest, the beginning of next month to Maryland. When asked about his goals Sobieck said that his plans include to some day move to Colorado and work for the same company there. His main reason for choosing underground gas utility for his career is that he loves being outside in any kind of weather, plus he also loves digging. Sobieck interviewed for the job via scype, a popular Internet link up featuring video and audio in real time utilizing a personal computer on each end. He accepted the job immediately upon the company offering on Thursday. Sadly he will be leaving his beloved Menards Lumber at which he has become one of the favored employees. Sobieck has come a long way since his part time jobs at Wisconsin Hydroseeding, Robertson Dairy Farm and Birch Creek where he was a dietary aide.

Sobieck says his company has a big job and it will be replacing all the underground gas pipe in the City of Baltimore. The city's present gas system is an old one and is constructed of mainly cast iron pipe which is no longer considered the standard for gas piping. Sobieck and his colleagues will be installing new polyethylene pipe which is impervious to almost anything. It can be hot seam welded and comes in continuous rolls. The pipe can be tapped anywhere along it's route via a saddle hot welded to the top of the line allowing customers to be added at will.
Logan Sobieck seen here accidently setting a customers home on fire while setting up their gas meter.
A Katandmick photo
Logan Sobieck seen here leaving many of his female companions behind
In the beginning when Logan Sobieck was selecting his training he was partial to the electrical field and began his training as an electrical lineman, but after seeing lineman being cut from local utilities decided to seek training in the natural gas utility field. Sobieck felt that even if local utilities weren't seeking employees that contractors and installers would be. He was right and it didn't take long for him to find one that was looking for good men.

Sobieck contends that he will be leaving throngs of loyal female companions behind. Sobieck: "It's sad to say that I will be leaving a trail broken hearts behind, and all I can say is that if any of those women want to be with me one last time I will be accepting company by appointment only. Call and I will check my day planner, there are still a few openings so you could get lucky and get one of the last remaining slots before I go." He says that he will not be coming back and refuses to make any long term plans with any one woman from this area. Aside from sporadic visits throughout the year, Sobieck says he does plan to make coming home for the Turkey Bowl a priority. It is not known if Sobieck's friends will continue to play in the yearly event should Logan decide not to return home for Thanksgiving at some point.

Three other people from his class are also going to work on the aforementioned Baltimore gas project and Sobieck says that one guy is another Green Bay area man while another is a Wisconsinite from Wausau and the other is from Illinois. This will provide Logan with an instant friend base which he can build on while he works in the Baltimore area.

Needless to say Sobieck is excited about his new endeavor. But what about this new lifestyle of living on his own. He has never been away from home and has always lived at his parents modest Hobart home on Florist Drive. Shopping for food, finding a place to stay, paying bills, doing laundry, these are all things Sobieck has never experienced or has always had done for him. Now the responsibility will be his, even finding somewhere to get his automobile repaired will be foreign to him, there will be no "Uncle Dick" inviting him in with open arms to his repair garage. Logan is a good man and will learn much more than his trade I suspect.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
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