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March 25, 2012
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A Katandmick photo
            t's been almost two years since Kevin Sobieck began the project at 2790 Hazelwood Lane in Green Bay, the home of Ellie Schilling. The address is also the location of her employ perhaps better known to many as Silly Goose Day Care.

The modest far west side Green Bay home is located within walking distance of Lambeau field and many of the children are escorted to Packer practice sessions by Schilling's staff members and colleagues during the week. The day care is closed during home games as Schilling spends the day at the stadium for she is known personally by all the players as "that lady with the kids".  Several players consider Schilling to bring them "good luck" and protect her as though she was one of their family.

Schilling's modest raised ranch style home  became somewhat cramped with all the children and staff around all day. Several additional Packers players asked to have their children looked after at the Silly Goose but Schilling had to turn them down for lack of room. With the demand for adequate daycare sites dwindling Schilling decided to build on to the home to accommodate more children and staff at one time. Schilling's friendship with Eileen
"Trixie" Sobieck finally turned out to be beneficial instead of just casual drinking buddies as Sobieck's husband was pressed into service to expand the home daycare to a reasonable size to accommodate the additional children.
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
Many wondered if Kevin was actually working the whole time he was there
Because of the unusually long timetable involved in the construction process, many wondered if Sobieck was actually working the whole time he was at the Schilling home. Schilling often was not at the home when Sobieck was working his magic on the 30 year old structure, but there were times such as in the above photo where the employer and employee seemed to get along better than expected.

Construction never ceased even when there were dozens of crying whining children about making one wonder if there were any unforeseen "accidents" to the tots, however no broken bones or amputations were reported during construction.

Sobieck reports the project is near completion and says he has just a couple more trips to the back bedroom with Schilling to "review the plans" and he will be finished.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Kevin built an additional room onto the home and also did remodeling to the existing structure.