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May 6, 2012
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I'm looking for a tall dresser for the kids.
Prefer wooden please

Contact: Shelly Sobieck
                  or Call: 920-676-6304
The Kat and Mick Report Presents

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs The Peoria Chiefs
Saturday August 18, 2012 - Game 6:30 PM, Tailgating 4 PM to Game

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Aimee Richey, with her first born daughter Anya
                    imee Richey who is with child is near completion of her predestined gestation period of 9 months. Richey 40, has had a child previously which she and husband Chris have named Anya, a variant of Anna. The new addition will make a smart little family of 4.

The new child which will again be female as told by the family doctor will be named Reese according to Richey's mother Joanne Lade. The name Reese, in English, means- enthusiastic. It is an English or Welsh name and is used by either sex.

With one week to go before the new child arrives Richey says she is really ready to have this child come out of her. The Richey's first born Anya, is
A katandmick photo
ready for her new sister as well as she prepared a bag of "hand me down" clothes for her new sibling. Anya had planned to stay with her grandmother in Allouez until the birth process was complete, but after just two days Anya's father Chris an Indiana state police officer, found that he could not live without his princess and
Chris Richey
she was returned to his custody.Richey tried to emerge himself in his part time chicken raising business to relieve his stress caused by the absence of his daughter while at grandmas. The problem was that every time he picked up an egg he was reminded of the process whereby his daughter was conceived and memories of her flooded back to him causing even more heartache. This is not to say that he thinks of Aimee as a chicken, just that the miracle of life occurs in the same manner between chickens and humans. 

The Richey's who live in Lawrenceburg Indiana will present the new child at the next Turkey Bowl they attend.
With attendance of members of "The Fat Club" waning in recent weeks, this weeks regular meeting
showed significant lack of support as the attendance dropped to only one member and it's president, The Kat. The lone member to attend, Joanne Lade even brought a delicious box of doughnuts to lure lost members back to the fold however no one took the bait and I recovered most of the bakery for myself.
Joanne Lade
Only one regular member bothered to phone in her absence the night before the meeting. Jean Poquette-Seidl warned The Kat by
a phone message delivered by this writer that she could not resist attending the multiple rummage sales scheduled for the next day in various locations around Green Bay, and that she would not be able to find the time for
her regular visit to the FC. She also made apologies for her derelict sister Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck who had no intention of calling in her impending absence ahead of time even though she had already made plans to attend the rummage sales with her sister Jean.  Poquette-Seidl who seemed embarrassed by the behavior of Sobieck wanted to make sure that President Kat got the message.

The Kat, unmoved by any of the previous simply stated "They're the ones that informed me that they were having Fat Club here whether I like it or not and now they think I care whether they attend or not? I don't give a crap!"

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Jean Poquette-Seidl