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May 13, 2012
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The Kat and Mick Report Presents

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs The Peoria Chiefs
Saturday August 18, 2012 - Game 6:30 PM, Tailgating 4 PM to Game

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A katandmick photo
Joanne Lade (Left) pokes her head from the kitchen to see if  her husband Tim (seated at table right) has noticed the smoke
               ast Sunday this writer and the Kat were invited to take part in dinner at the Lade home. The plush single story home nestled in the middle of and upscale section of Allouez appeared neat as usual on it's outside with assorted gargoyle figures scattered about it's front yard.

The Lades were inside lounging and enjoying a digitally captured video program on their wireless motion picture machine when we arrived. Joanne immediately began the cooking process then by pouring a small portion of oil in a pan and warming it up on the stove, to cook the meat I am guessing. Because the warming process is slow Lade temporarily abandoned her cooking duties in the kitchen to partake in the sparkling conversation in the living room with her guests and husband.

It was only minutes that had passed when Lade returned to her cooking duties in the kitchen when a small shriek could be heard and smoke began billowing from the food preparation area. Lade had found the aforementioned pan with oil on fire when she returned and sprung into firefighting mode, safely putting out the fire and moving the hot pan and the remains of the oil to the outdoor patio located behind the home. While the amount of time spent in the living room seemed reasonable waiting for the oil to heat, it apparently was a bit too long and the oil had flashed over into fire.

The smoke and fire did not go unnoticed by Lade's husband Tim as he began reminding her of her cooking responsibilities. The Kat chimed in as well stating an old Poquette cliche' used by her father frequently "You can't cook in the kitchen by watching TV in the living room." Lade felt bad about the accidentel fire and began to eject the smoke via the kitchen fan while husband Tim moved the portable fan to various locations of open doors and windows. The smoke sensitive family dog named Cuckoo I believe, was headed to one end of the house where he eventually waddled into a spare bedroom, it is there that he remained until the air was clear.

I complained not, but offered the Lades suggestions about how to eject the smoke in a more timely manor relying on my experience as a firefighter. R. Timothy Lade complained bitterly about the lasting effects of the minor fire explaining that his asthma condition would later flare up in the middle of the night as lasting reminder of the mishap. Lade who was sympathetic to her husbands dilemma, made suggestions as to how he could curb his upcoming discomfort.

When all was said and done the smoke was cleared in about 15 minutes and a delicious dinner of tossed salad, steak with red potatoes, and bread was served.
Dessert was served after the meal, a key lime pie tort. R. Timothy Lade was asked how he liked the confection and his one word reply simply was "adequate" an obvious reaction no doubt to his disapproval of the earlier cooking debacle. I believe it was also at this time that Cuckoo was let out whereby she galloped to the living room. After a short rest and regaining her breath the dog one by one visited each one in the room spending the least amount of time by The Kat, detecting the disdain for her by the other species I suspect.

The fate of Aimee Richey and her overdue baby is yet unknown as the expectant mother is overdue for her delivery by a week.
Richey had already last week mounted a "get this thing out of me" campaign to her doctor when she surpassed her due date by one day. The uncooperative doctor suggested that it would be of no consequence to wait so Richey has gone nearly a week now with the basketball sized belly. When the baby comes, the KAMR will report all.
That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Aimee Richey