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May 27, 2012
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The Kat and Mick Report and Axis of Evil Present

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs The Peoria Chiefs
Saturday August 18, 2012 - Game 6:30 PM, Tailgating 4 PM to Game
Tickets $9.00 each, box seats section 111, rows F through I

To reserve tickets, click here.
To see who's going to the game, click here.
             n a stunning move by the management of Rock USA, the local band "5 MAN" has been tapped to open the music festival on Thursday July 12 at 2PM.

The band, a Rock phenomenon is significant to the readers of this column due to one of it's members. Mike Van Den Heuval, on guitar has been with the band near it's inception in 2005. With only three full time instruments Mike's job is pretty important to the output of the band. With Jason Kobishop on Drums and Nick Rodello on Base, Mikes' part is essential to the correct sound that has made the band stand out among it's followers. Vocals for the band come from Damian Mancl with a little help from Rodello on Base.

Van Den Heuval who is engaged to Ashley Hansen has made the band his priority never missing a gig or a practice. Hansen says she is a devoted fan of the bands music, listening to their CD's every chance she gets. She draws the line however at listening, she insists she will not be one of those slutty band groupies that follow from gig to gig. The couple's daughter Jordyn is also a big fan of her dad's music and claims that's the only way she can get to sleep by listening to her dad on one of her CD's.

In the band's 7 year history they have played and won in several "Battle of the bands" contests as well as opened for many national acts such as: The Deftones, Clutch, Drowning Pool, Shinedown, Saliva, Egypt Central, P.O.D., Cold, Taproot, Nonpoint, Dope, Hellyeah, Lacuna Coil, and Machine Head. They have also played in several outdoor concerts so their appearance at Rock USA will be nothing new to them. To view the Oshkosh Rock USA lineup click here.

In an unexpected turn of events Ashley Snell has broken her wrist after a fall from her bicycle on a bike trail behind her home. The trail traveled extensively by local bicyclists was used frequently by the pre teen and last Saturday she had convinced her mother to take a leisurely ride into De Pere. For some unknown reason Snell had lost control of her velocipede and went down. Falling on to the bike she had slammed her chin into the handlebars causing a gash which required several stitches to her chin. Snell traumatized by the accident had no recollection of the fall and while in the emergency room asked repeatedly why she was there and why she had stitches in her chin.

The more serious injury however was to her wrist, which broke in the fall from her cycle. The doctor suggested that the cast on her wrist would have to remain on for most of the summer. Snell still trying to piece things together after the accident because of the memory loss could not remember why her wrist was broken.
The band known as 5 MAN playing in an abandoned factory, they are well known for failing to smile in photos
Clara Pickett, Snell's mother took the girl to the hospital and remained with her through out the ordeal doing the best she could to explain what happened to the troubled girl. The doctor who seemed unconcerned by the memory loss explained that with such an injury it was quite common to forget the circumstances that facilitated the injury. He said that in a few days the memory would return. Her short term memory before and after the accident are in tact. 

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
A katandmick photo
Ashley Snell begins to fall from her bike
Photo by 5MAN