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November 18, 2012
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        n a flurry of travel activity Cheryl and Steve Purshock arrived Sunday evening after all day travel to the headquarters of the KAMR. The couple was greeted by brothers and sister in laws only after Cheryl Purshock's whirlwind rush to the bathroom
after the two hour automobile ride from the Milwaukee airport to Green Bay by rental car. Steve Purshock remained in the car for several minutes and urinated in his soda can before entering our abode and office complex in the heart of Oneida. The Purshocks traveled from Stockton California to the small
Wisconsin town to attend the Turkey Bowl to be held on Thanksgiving Day in the Village of Hobart on Poquette Field.

Not to go unnoticed was the arrival of Dave Poquette who got into town the night before and is the guest of Richard and Cleen Poquette on the
A katandmick photo
Steve Purshock
XPFL official Tom Pickett marks off yardage in a penalty during a past Turkey Bowl
Poquette homestead directly connected to Poquette Field. Poquette a resident of Clarksville TN began his trek early in the morning and was also an all day travel experience.  Dave Poquette who's main function during the Turkey Bowl is color commentator during the broadcast came alone this year after years of bringing a  female companion.
One can only surmise the Poquette has abandoned the idea of bringing a female partner due to personality conflict or that they simply eat too much cutting into his food budget set aside for his holiday vacation.
Dave Poquette
The yearly event is again scheduled to go off as usual at the same place but this year with several new players as a few others retire.

For the feast, pies are already in the works and being baked as this news article is being written. The usual plethora of turkeys has been slaughtered and are ready to be baked for the event and this year Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck has announced that for the first time she will be serving an unconventional dish for Thanksgiving, pork loin. Sobieck decided on the pork after careful consideration and polling of prospective guests to the event.

A 50 50 raffle will again be held with a rock paper scissors competition at halftime. After the game heaven in a bag will be served in Sobieck hall.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.