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November 25, 2012
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            n what seemed to be a game of catch up for the Hobart Blue Jell-O's, the Oneida Red Gobblers stayed ahead enough to make the game interesting.

The final score of 42 to 35 does not reflect the hard fought game it was on Thanksgiving day at Poquette Field in Hobart. With The Blue Jell-O's striking first, the Red Gobblers fought back and went ahead to lead in the second quarter. The Blue Jell-O's tied several times but were unable to once again take the lead. A brisk south wind attacked the field with gusts as high as 30 mph. making passing difficult toward the south end zone. Never the less both teams had great success making yardage into the wind.

The game was not without injury however as officials stopped the clock at one point and ordered
A katandmick photo
Justin Sobieck off the field for medical attention. Sobieck it seems had his ear ripped loose in attempt to recover the ball in a pile near the Blue Jell-O's end zone. The injury was not serious and after a little application of super glue by the medical team standing by on the sideline he returned to the
game. Sobieck known for being injury prone was proud to show blood on his body after being accused of phantom injuries in the past. Luckily the blood was in a place that Sobieck is unable to see as he has become queasy at the sight of his own blood and in the past has passed out.

Several other players were seen limping back to their huddle after particularly violent plays but no other treatable injuries surfaced, although it is certain that many players were looking for heating pads and ice packs on Saturday.
Justin Sobieck
Also notable was the emergence of Chrissie Meeuwsen as a kicker. Meeuwsen who as been sidelined as a kicker in the past due to her club leg was recently cleared when after examination of her extremities revealed that her other leg
had grown sufficiently to make it appear that the legs were now the same size. Meeuwsen had thought to have an unfair advantage with the club leg making her kicks unable to duplicate by team members without the club. It seems however that Meeuwsen never had the club only that her other leg was stunted in growth for some time, but the leg has finally taken shape and she has been cleared to kick as much as she wants by the league. This is the 5th year Meeuwsen has played in the Turkey Bowl and is the first time she brought a boy friend to play as well.
Red Gobblers pose for a photo after the game
Chrissie Meeuwsen
Rosie Poquette won the 50 / 50 raffle with the amount raised, over $300 exceeding expectations. The winning ticket was drawn at half time after the rock paper scissors contest. The game was over before 4 PM and most people had left Sobieck hall by 6 PM.

R. Timothy Lade had predicted the presidential election would be won by someone other than Barrack Obama (see story here), but his prediction proved to be in error. As a service to our readers Lade's predictions will no longer be used at the KAMR. It should be noted however that at no time did the KAMR use Lade's prediction as fact.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.