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October 21, 2012
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A katandmick photo
               he Treml saga continues with what now appears to be a rat infestation at the posh far west side Treml residence.

Judy Treml reported the vermin infestation while attending the annual pumpkin carving at the home of Jean Poquette-Seidl. It seems that the problem
began shortly after the Treml's moved in and the rats have grown in size and numbers over the summer. Treml phoned her husband from the Seidl home after arriving complaining of rats jumping from her car's grill. Treml went on to describe the size of the rodents using
an expletive after the words "great big". Treml ordered her husband on the phone to "get bigger traps." According to the 50 year old former dental assistant "the rats were large enough to carry off a small baby and were hiding in her garage."

Scott Treml 45, who has no fear of rats was able to outrun several of the larger rats and strangle them with his bare hands. Treml says he thinks the vermin tunneled in from the chicken ranch down the street. Treml's plan to eradicate the rodents is to look for a nest and kill whatever he finds there then set traps. Poison will not be on his list of weapons to use against the pests after a bad experience where dogs got into it and they had to take one of their K-9 friends to have his stomach pumped.

The Treml children are at odds over the infestation and Kaitlan Treml just want's them gone. "I hate
Scott Treml chokes a huge rat to death after finding rats in everything.
Judy Treml
those creepy things" said Kaitlan the eldest of the offspring whereby Emily the number 2 daughter wants to make pets of them. Sammy the youngest of the clan was unable to comment due to a crying fit which erupted after a dispute over cleaning her room before the pumpkin carving event at the Seidl's.
It seems that Samantha was told multiple times to get her room cleaned up before the carving event. She refused of course and told her mother that she would take her along anyway even if she didn't do it. The insolence was too much for Judy Treml and Sammy, who was inconsolable was relegated to spend Saturday afternoon by herself cleaning her room between fits of sobbing and crying instead of carving pumpkins at Jean Poquette-Seidl's modest Greenleaf home.
Kaitlan Treml
After months of last hurrahs featuring banquets and drinking binges Jean Poquette-Seidl has come to the end of her transition period and must now prepare for gastric bypass surgery on Friday. Poquette-Seidl was told that she was to begin a clear diet on Saturday to prepare for her surgery on
Friday. She had planned to have the pumpkin carving event on Saturday as well and told the nurse giving the pre op instructions that there was no way she couldn't indulge one last time before going under the knife. The nurse gave in but cautioned her to be strict about the rest of the diet. Poquette-Seidl agreed and was heavily into the consumption of brewed or distilled beverages and skittles at the time this writer left her modest Greenleaf home.
Jean Poquette-Seidl
After copious amounts of the aforementioned elixirs, Poquette-Seidl began calling her family members and the few friends she has to bid them adieu, convinced that she would not survive the operation. She says that she has already told her daughters what to do with her stuff in the event of her demise. Trixie Sobieck, Poquette-Seidl's sister will accompany her to the hospital dressed for Halloween as the grim reaper.
Pumpkin carving was again a huge success with children and parents alike and at least 8 children carved pumpkins. A delicious lunch of chili and sloppy joes was served along with soda, wine, and bottles of water with deformed tops.
Pumpkin carvers show their skills Saturday at pumpkin carving
That's all the news that is news, see ya.