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September 23, 2012
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A katandmick photo
A potentially tragic accident was averted when Jean Poquette-Seidl was rescued from a hungry bounce house swallowing her up in it's hidden corners.
Jean Poquette-Seidl wriggles to get free of the bounce house consuming her, as her granddaughter Jordyn watches in horror as she goes down .
            ordyn Hansen was having a birthday party at grandmas house. It was to be a fun time, but it nearly ended in tragedy when her grandma ventured too close to the edges of a rented bounce house and became trapped in it's crevasses.

Poquette-Seidl was overjoyed to be a part of her granddaughters birthday party. The 50 year old respected Greenleaf resident decided that she should have the party in her back yard and that she should do something special for the children attending the party. After tossing around a few ideas like hiring a maniacal clown or risk having some child performer there who turns out later to be a pedophile, Poquette-Seidl decided to go the safe route and rent an inflatable bounce house.

Poquette-Seidl ordered the blow up structure and awaited it's delivery. She looked forward to it's setup and supervised it's placement. She thought it strange that she had to sign a waiver not to hold the company responsible if anything happened, she thought what could happen in an inflatable bounce house, isn't it impossible to get hurt or worse yet killed in a house of fun? She would find out the hard way when her inflatable nightmare began.

Supervising the erection of the fun house Poquette-Seidl decided to kick off her shoes and give it a try herself before the children arrived. She cautiously walked the rubber floors of the house before hopping up and down but eventually she thought it's time to give it the ultimate test. She heaved her ample body weight upward and returned to the mat sinking it almost to the earth below. The recoil launched her upward in an unbalanced way. Poquette-Seidl loosing her bearings returned to the air charged floor in a more one legged fashion rather than in a controlled landing. She of course lost her balance and eventually landed horizontal rolling to the side. This is where the danger for her began.

Since the floor of a bounce house is a separate inflatable pad section, the floor and walls are not securely joined at the top of the floor. She fell between and became wedged sideways between them. She was as helpless as a turtle on it's back and furthermore it was like quick sand pulling her deeper the more she struggled. 

About the same time Poquette-Seidl decided to test the bounce house her daughter and granddaughter arrived at her modest Greenleaf home to help set up for the party.
Poquette-Seidl now out of breath from struggling to get free and shouting for help realized that her daughter Ashley
Hansen had arrived and she tried to get her attention but to no avail. Hansen was accustomed to playing a game on the Wii when she and her daughter were at grandmas and immediately fired up the game. After a rousing game of Wii golf Ashley and Jordyn Hansen ventured to the back yard looking for Jean. They were astonished at what they found.
Poquette-Seidl who literally was trapped for tens of minutes may have thought it seemed like hours was covered in sweat and her clothes had nearly turned to rags from the friction caused from her writhing between the rubber inflated walls and floor. Terrified and grateful to be rescued she hugged her daughter and granddaughter after Jordyn heard her faint screams as she nearly gave up the fight. Jordyn ran to her mom and shouted to her "The big grandma is down, the big grandma is down." Ashley not knowing what happened ran to follow Jordyn as she led the way. Hansen rescued her mom from the air charged house swallowing her up and counseled her daughter on what she had seen. Hansen: "I hope that she will have no lasting memories of this terror." Poquette-Seidl was heard to say, "I can see why I had to sign a waiver."

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Ashley Hansen