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April 14, 2013
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Who is the most beautiful of Mary Poquette's daughters?
Margaret "Peg"
Mary "Doats"
Sue "Zeus"
Kathy "Kat"
Joanne "Joanie"
Cheryl "Sherie"
Jean "Jeanie"
Eileen "Trixie"
Judy "Squeeks"

A katandmick photo
Zeus in a halo device after her fall down a stairway 10 years ago
That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Who is the most handsome  of Mary Poquette's sons?
John(2)     5%
Earl(1)      2%
David(20)  45%
Sam(15)   34%

44 total votes since 04/07/13
                     ue Wenzel or "Zeus" as known to several family members announced on Saturday that she is a grandma for the 12 time.

With few details Wenzel beamed as she spoke of her new grandchild Dexter. The child born 5 weeks ago is the son of Julius "Willy" Cornelius, who is the product of the Sue Poquette and Eugene Cornelius union some 42 years ago. Cornelius who
lives with his father now on the Rez failed to mention the birth of his new son during a recent visit to the KAMR headquarters. A chance meeting while this reporter was conducting business at Wenzel's workplace yielded all the facts there is to know at this time about the child.
Cornelius who has a daughter, Payton with a different mother seems to prefer raising a family without the traditional one mother one home or the concept of marriage as so many others do. The situation can be compared to cell phone choices whereby you can sign a contract and have a stable monthly payment or you can choose the "pay as you go" method likened to the Tracfone type of deal. Little is known about the newborn at this time, or even if the child will follow in his fathers footsteps concerning football. Cornelius known as "The Bus" on the Turkeybowl grid iron could surly help his son to become a future competitor in the Thanksgiving Day tradition on the hallowed ground of Poquette Field, but who is to say what the future will bring.

Wenzel also mentioned that another son Eugene "Blackie" Cornelius and his wife will be taking their newly born son to Madison to have surgery again for the condition previously covered in another newsletter. Wenzel will be going with the couple to be available to them during this serious surgery, and she seemed truly happy to be spending time with the family and help them through this tenuous time.

Wenzel was also told of "The Fat Club" meeting being held at the KAMR headquarters and if she would feel like attending after her shift which ended at 1:30 PM. Without even a moments consideration she gruffly blurted out a "no". At that time she went about her business and said goodbye.

Clara Pickett currently employed by Shenk Inc. a prestigious accounting firm tucked away by the river
Willy Cornelius
Greetings to all my readers and to the special person who sent a request for a poll about the boys in my family, here are the results.
It's clear by popular vote that David "Peter" Poquette is the winner of this poll, winning by a healthy 5 vote margin over his nearest competitor Sam. Sorry Dave no prize for the winner, just bragging rights as another reader who wrote in wanted to know.

Well another, or maybe the same reader has requested a similar poll about the girls in the family. Here is what they have to say.

Okay it seems that David has won the most handsome, at
least as of today, April 10, 2013. All of the Poquette men seem to be holding up very, very well. What about the ladies? Wonder which sister is considered more beautiful. Of all the pictures that have been made available to viewers of the Kat and Mick report, all the ladies are beautiful and to put up with the brothers, well enough said. 


Well with that said I guess it's only fair to put the girls to a vote as well. The polls will close in three weeks so get all the votes you can girls.
in Allouez has accepted a job as the finance director for the Village of Allouez. Pickett 35 has been working at the accounting firm since college and is "sick of working Saturdays" and looks forward to the 5 day work week offered by the municipality. She is scheduled to start two weeks from Monday.
Clara Pickett
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