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April 28, 2013
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Who is the most beautiful of Mary Poquette's daughters?
Margaret "Peg"
Mary "Doats"
Sue "Zeus"
Kathy "Kat"
Joanne "Joanie"
Cheryl "Sherie"
Jean "Jeanie"
Eileen "Trixie"
Judy "Squeeks"

A katandmick photo
That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Vote for your favorite in this photo, poll ends this week. The results will be published in next week's Newsletter.
                   ean Poquette-Seidl will once again, as they say go under the knife as a team of doctors assigned to the medical needs of the Queen attempt the removal of the gall bladder of the once reigning royalty of the weekly dinning tradition known as "Chicken Night".

This Queen's latest bout of distress began after a day of celebration at the Sobieck home on Easter Day. Apparently Poquette-Seidl and her sister and associate writer for this very publication "The Kat"
Poquette-Seidl in pain thinking about son Ben while awaiting her upcoming surgery
made a drinking pact whereby the two of them would get uncontrollably intoxicated. The plan worked however Poquette-Seidl did no bounce back as fast as her older, and apparently prettiest sister Kat (according the the current poll running on the KAMR). She wrestled with symptoms of the bad gall
bladder for the entire week after the holiday, at one point even missing The Fat Club regular biweekly meeting held here at the KAMR headquarters. Other FC members used the absence to make fun of her and discuss sad personal issues about the deposed Queen.

Poquette-Seidl will be having surgery tomorrow April 29 to remove the worn out bladder. Some speculate that with the bladder gone, gall will disperse throughout her body making it impossible for her to call on the bladder for surges of gall as she used to when the need arose to ridicule and belittle her enemy's. Doctors began searching for answers when questioned about the possible phenomenon but were unable to provide a professional opinion as to the Queens future demeanor.
The Kat
Hi everyone, first I'd like to thank everyone who has voted for me in the poll. Remember this is the last week you can vote.

We have a new letter from one of my devoted readers and a request, which reads as follows.

Seeing's how the Mick is the most eloquent
writer of our family we believe that he should start writing our eulogies now so we can hear what he thinks about us and put in our input as needed. What are your thoughts?  And one should be posted on a weekly basis for review starting
th eldest.


Thanks for your contribution and I'm going to ask the editor (Mick) if he can put one of those in on slow news weeks every once and a while.