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Dec 8, 2013
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A katandmick photo
                        oday was the day chosen by the Oneida area league of women meat pie makers to create their traditional meat/bakery concoctions. A new participant has stepped up to the plate to carry on the tradition.

Adam Meeuwsen likes to eat meat pies and now he knows how to make them too. Meeuwsen 28, expressed his desire to his Aunt Kat about learning how to make the delectable delicacies native to northern Michigan. Meeuwsen, son of Mary and 
Adam Meeuwsen cooks meat  during the pie making process
Dick Meeuwsen comes by his obsession of the meat and crust combination honestly as there is Poquette blood running in his veins. Mary "Doats" Meeuwsen helped make the meat pies when she was a wee girl living in the town of Hobart long before it became the trendy village it is known as now. Doats who was best friends with
Mary "Doats" Meeuwsen
her Grandmother who brought the secret recipe of the meat pies from Michigan often helped make them before each Christmas where they were baked and eaten on Christmas Eve.

Adam Meeuwsen who learned to love the special pie served only once a year yearned to be able to create them himself, however the closely guarded family recipe was never disclosed to him for fear that it would leak out to people from Wisconsin and become a tradition in other families who's heritage had no connection with northern Michigan. It wasn't until Adam brought up to the pie making females in the circle that no one was stepping up to the plate to carry on the tradition of the meat pie's for future generations that they finally gave him the nod to enjoy the time honored tradition of meat pie making for himself.

Staying true to his word Meeuwsen showed up at the KAMR headquarters at 8 AM and began the long arduous task of creating meat pies along with his Aunt Kat, Aunt Joe, Aunt Judy and for a short time Emily Treml who graciously popped in to get a look at the operation. She was not allowed however to see the secret ingredients or educated as to the exact proportions of the meats and other ingredients used in the pies as was Adam. Meeuwsen is now expected to carry on the family tradition after the death of all other pie making Poquette women.

Kaitlyn Treml had an unfortunate incident with her mothers car on the way to school this past week during our first snow storm. Treml while on her way to school along with her sister Emily slid into a
signpost and sign causing a considerable amount of damage to the 2009 VW Pussat. Estimates came in at
over $3,000 damage to the door and roof according to Judy Treml, Kate-Lands mother. Judy Treml also reported that the elder daughter was admonished severely the rest of the way to school by the younger Emily Treml for allegedly speeding and reckless driving. Kate-Land Treml who could not be reached for comment reportedly broke down in tears after the incident but, only after
the scolding from her sister followed by an announcement from her that she was about to cry. With the new accident on the Treml record, Progressive's "Flo" reportedly made a personal visit to the Treml household with a Christmas card bearing a healthy rate increase inside. The Treml young ladies will be without an automobile while the VW is being repaired and will be relegated to taking the bus.
Kate-Land Treml