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Dec 15, 2013
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A katandmick photo
                     iz the season, and what a season it is! For most it was a casual Christmas gathering among family and friends, but to Jean Poquette-Seidl it is so much more.

The Kat and this writer attended the annual "Fat Club" Christmas party which was held at the modest Hobart home of Eileen "Trixie", and Kevin Sobieck. The Sobieck's have hosted the holiday extravaganza for the past 25 years so it has become a tradition of the holiday season for FC
members to gather for the festive occasion and sip a few glasses of wine while reminiscing, telling stories, and making fun of their in-laws. Trixie again performed miracles with the food and served everyone beef Wellington done to perfection. Candy and deserts abounded and everyone patted their belly when finished eating and complimented Trixie
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
on her fine cuisine. Drinks and hors devours were consumed before the dinner which began at 6 PM. A new round of drinks were served during dinner until the clientel were stuffed with food, then after
dinner drinks were served. The crowd then abandoned the dinner table allowing Kevin Sobieck and Brittany Rezek (to be known here on in as B-Rez) to clear the dishes from the table and clean up scraps that hit the floor and walls during the feeding frenzy.
The bulk of the guests retired to the living room where they were served their favorite drinks and gazed at the Christmas Tree adorned with expensive rotating ornaments. Then after another round of drinks they decided to open the gifts that
were brought. Some wondered if the gifts arrived by the method mentioned a few weeks ago on 60 minutes, whereby a drone would beging to deliver Amazon packages as mentioned by the the corporations president Jeff Bezos. No one would attest to having thier gift brought by a drone but, curiously a
Christmas Drone piloted by a robot snowman was spotted near the home standing by.
Christmas Drone spotted near Sobieck home
Jean Poquette-Seidl ogles over the gift of a plaster rabbit at the gift exchange
Poquette-Seidl once again in rare form went from person to person pointing out how her older sister Mary looked extremely young as compared to the youngest sister Judy whom Poquette-Seidl characterized as "wrinkly".
After admiring the tree and receiving a fresh round of drinks the FC members decided to open presents. The exchange called the "White Elephant" gift exchange hosted a plethora of fine decorations and amusement pieces to peak everyone's interest. Most notable was the gift of a plaster rabbit received by Jean Poquette-Seidl who was stunned by the present as seen in the photo above. She also received a necklace which she gave up at the Turkey Bowl after her "Red Gobblers"Team was defeated by the "Blue Jell-O's".
Mary Meeuwsen described by Seidl as "young looking" 
Judy Treml  described by Seidl as "wrinkly"
After the gift exchange another round of drinks were served and the group settled in on conversation. Seidl had earlier pointed out that Mary Meeuwsen could not have kept her self looking so young without the aid of some type of plastic surgery particularly against the contrast of her wrinkled youngest sister. She went on to accuse the Suamico native of
having her face tightened and surgery to make herself look younger. While the reserved Meeuwsen had no comment on the matter it is known that Meeuwsen has had all of her teeth extracted causing her face to tighten and calcify with the installation of new ivory teeth harvested and manufactured from elephant tusks.

Attendance was down this year
Jean Poquette-Seidl
at the FC party largely due to the absence of some of the FC spousal units who were forbidden to attend this year by their menopausal wives.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.