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Dec 29, 2013
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                      ith snow continuing to fall outside guests to the annual KAMR Christmas Eve party stayed warm inside.

Anyone who has longed for a white Christmas in the past no longer needs to wish for snow because northeastern Wisconsin is under a blanket of thick snow. As guests left the KAMR headquarters on Christmas Eve they trudged through snow as they did when they came to the annual Christmas Eve event. Snow continued to fall throughout the day and through to Christmas morning. Inclement weather did not stop the guests from attending however.

As usual ham was served to guests along with freshly baked bread and several other dishes and chips that were brought by guests. Everyone got plenty to eat and some enjoyed spirits while others sipped soda awaiting the gift exchange of "As seen on TV" gifts all placed under the tree. Everyone starts with their own gift while the radio is played, as the music plays everyone is poised to grab the last gift in their hand should the music be cut off. Such was the case when Brandon Pickett played the radio for nearly two minutes before cutting it off allowing others to open their prizes.

Each child attending the party was treated to a gift given to them by Judy Treml who works tirelessly to
A katandmick photo
Mary Meeuwsen talks on the couch while Sam and Judy Treml pause for a photo
see to it that every child attending is taken care of in some way. Treml who has been doing this act of kindness for some twenty years now always comes through for every child, finding out ahead of time what their likes are and filling a little void in their life for a short time on Christmas Eve. The pre-
Santa gifts always mean a lot to every child as they hold out hope that Santa will still come through with their big gift. Treml 53, who grew up in a large family remembers what it was like to do without and want's to bring a better life to all of her nieces and nephews attending the party.


Judy Treml
Aaron Meeuwsen at pedal tractor pulls at Turkey Bowl
As many of you know Aaron Meeuwsen passed away two days before Christmas creating a hollow chair on Christmas Eve at the KAMR headquarters. Meewusen who died at age 40 from complications from diabedes always enjoyed the Christmas eve party and even made pea soup out of the ham bone one year. Saturday was his funeral and while the funeral home is able to accomadate
three funerals at one time no other bodies were being shown. That was a good thing as the home was flooded with people, some who had never been seen for years attended the funeral at Lyndahl Funeral Home on Lombardi Ave in Green Bay.

A photo montage was screened throughout the facility while guests were encouraged to have a little lunch while visiting with
other guests. An unknown man of the cloth said a few kind words and people were encouraged to come up and say a few words or share a story, however only one person did that. Some time after 1 PM people began to leave and by 1:30 only a few people remained cleaning up and hauling items out to their car.
Aaron Meeuwsen
A pre Christmas party given by Justin, and Logan Sobieck along with Alex Pickett was a success reportedly according to the trio, largely due to the appearance of Tony Sturm and his throng of zealots. The two Sobieck brothers and Pickett live in an uninhabited home in upscale Hobart on the famous and
prestigious Fernando Road. According to Justin Sobieck, the eldest of the brothers the party started slow with only a few people, his parents, B-Rez and her husband Jeremy. Soon Sturm and his entourage arrived and soon the party was buzzing. The party did lack female attendance according to B-Rez with only 4 females reportedly in attendance, Trixie and B-Rez accounting for two of the four.
Justin Sobieck
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