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February 3, 2013
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A katandmick photo
                   he legacy of Earl and Mary Poquette continues as Nicole Sell (Wanek) announced this week that her and her husband are expecting a baby.

Nicole Sell is the daughter of Sam Poquette who along with the then Joyce Wanek produced Nicole some 28 years ago.
Sell also has a sister, Jacquelyn Poquette who owns two children of her own, so Nicole has been practicing to be a mom for some time while being around Poquette's children.  It is not known just how much parenting skill she picked up but, it is thought that Poquette will help her along if she has any questions
after the baby is born. Rae Poquette, Sell's stepmother has also pledged support in the parenting department, as has her mother Joyce. All and all the couple should have plenty of help.

Sell graduated Pulaski High School in 2002 and got a job at APAC customer service department in 2003. After two years at the downtown Green Bay business, she secured employment at Amerprise Insurance as a customer service representative. She has risen through the ranks as a Quality Monitoring Specialist, than Assistant Trainer, or Assistant to the Trainer as her boss says.
Sam Poquette
Sell married her first husband Zak on October 1,2011 and remains married to him to this day. It should be noted that at this time she has no plans to leave him and take a second husband. The couple lives in Howard and Sell works at Amerprise insurance, merely a 20 minute drive from the sprawling village. It is unknown where Sell's husband Zak is employed.
The dog known as "Coo Coo" has developed a tumor near it's front appendage. The dog which is common property of the now defunct Lade union reportedly ate a stick of butter off an unguarded table at the Lade home
earlier this month. Joanne Lade the mother of the flea breeding ground suggested that the tumor is nothing more than the butter settling in one spot of the dogs carcass. As for who will receive the animal in the settlement of the Lade separation, it is thought a bitter court battle will be fought for the beloved K nine. Cooo Cooooo has not yet been seen by  an animal doctor.
That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Joanne Lade
Nicole and Zak Sell