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January 13, 2013
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A katandmick file photo
                ormer local wichan and Mc Donalds worker Sarah Poquette is impregnated according to an unnamed source.

Poquette 26, or "Angel Daniels" as she likes to be called by her fiance of 3 years Phoenix Daniels, has not returned inquiries to The Newsletter, but an unnamed source tells us that Poquette continues to work at her coffee shop job and so far she has not
Phoenix Daniels, and Sarah "Angel" Poquette cuddle prior to the birth of their first child Ann Marie Daniels

It has been nearly two years since the couple abandoned Poquette's Hobart WI roots and moved on to higher expectations on the east coast. With hopes of finding more meaningful work in the music business, the couple settled in  Harrington, Delaware Daniels hometown, but alas no employment in the music field is to be had there either. According to Daniels his plan was to assemble his former band "The Lotus Revolt" but for unknown reasons the plan never gelled and the band never got back together. While The Lotus Revolt's band page on Reverb Nation still exists, no new data has been entered leaving the bands large throng of 18 followers in the lurch. Daniels tried his hand at a painting job for a while but reports were that it didn't work out and that type of work just wasn't going to be a future for him.

Poquette who has maintained employment throughout her relocation to Harrington is happy to have Phoenix as her "live in" babysitter. Although she could not be reached for comment Poquette has said in the past that she needs to give Phoenix his space to be creative and when the time is right he will come through in a big way. Poquette is hoping one day Springsteen or Mc Cartney will call hoping to hire Phoenix as a guitarist for their band. So far it has not happened but the couple is young and there are many opportunities yet to come.
had negative effects from the pregnancy that would keep her from working. The couple has one child already born in October of 2010, Ann Marie Daniels and reports are that she is ecstatic to be having a brother or sister on the way.
Ann Marie Daniels
While one would have thought it was Camelot when visiting the Lade home on Ravine way in Allouez it was no to be, and would not last. Legally separated the couple is planning to go their separate ways soon. According to Joanne Lade papers have been filed and she will be joining the former wives club soon enough. Joanne who made number 4 for Tim was of the opinion as was Dave Poquette that 4 was the magic number and they would live in married bliss forever. This was not to be the case however and while the couple refuses to speak of what caused the division outside speculation runs rampant. It is
however the policy of this publication to publish only fact and not speculate on the truth, therefore we will not guess on what the differences were.

The Lade and Poquette children who could not be reached for comment were devastated at the news and planned a retreat to reflect on the news and were withholding comment. Details as they become available.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Tim Lade carries Joanne to the car after her first knee surgery
A katandmick file photo