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January 27, 2013
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A katandmick photo
                         hile most teens are athletically active in their youth, the Treml girls don't seem to fit the mold.

Kaitlyn and Emily Treml will participate in athletic events but are not competitive according to Treml mom Judy. She goes on to say that the only one who you can count on to be athletic and competitive is Samantha Treml who is still pre teen. The Treml
mom says that Kaitlyn Treml is not interested in sports and according to her cannot make herself do something she is not interested in. She goes on to say that even though the older daughters enter the Bellin Run they never run it, they only walk it. Samantha or "Sam" as she is known around the Treml house is the only one who actually runs the race finishing
far sooner than the rest of the family, although Scott Treml always finishes first in the family when he
Treml daughters Kaitlyn and Emily take a break on a bench after they just started the Bellin Run forcing other runners to run around them
Samantha Treml
enters the race. He doesn't always enter and has not the last couple of years but he has not yet ruled out this years event. Scott Treml: "I usually like to get a couple of smokes in just before the starting pistol is fired so I don't get a nicotine fit during the race." Scott works most of the time and doesn't have much time to train but still finishes in under an hour.
Scott Treml
Judy Treml goes on to say that Kaitlyn Treml prefers to learn things on her own and will push herself if she has a need to. Athletic competition is seen by the eldest Treml child and not necessary, therefore she is not very competitive and does not push herself to do better. Emily on the other hand is a little more competitive according to Judy and will try to do better but soon becomes bored with the competition and goes looking for something new, like pulling the wings off of flies.

The Treml family lives on the far west side of Green Bay near the city limits and has beaten back the rat population previously reported on in this publication.
Chrissy Meeuwsen is supposed to return home in March for a short stay according to her mother Mary Ann "Doats" Meeuwsen. Doats released the news during a "Fat Club" meeting at the KAMR  headquarters on Saturday.
According to Meeuwsen she will come home to visit and attend a Fat Club meeting. Meeuwsen in her first year at University of California Davis is pursuing a law degree and hopes to become an environmental lawyer some day. A suggestion that she defend her ageing father in yet to be filed litigation stemming from a neiborhood fight over strawberrys was
declined by Meeuwsen. She stated (that) "while I will be a lawyer, I will not specialize in cival cases and my poor father would fare better with different legal representation. He perhaps would prefer my boyfriend Andrew who will also be a law professional, and will specialize in these sorts of matters."

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Chrissy Meeuwsen