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July 14, 2013
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                    amenting the lost days of youth when the Poquette children lacked the ingenuity to properly build a temporary swimming pool with bread bags and roofing nails, Jean Poquette-Seidl, Joanne Poquette, and the Kat collaborated on the take over of the Sobieck swimming pool on Saturday.

After an impromptu "Fat Club" meeting at the KAMR headquarters the three Poquette Sisters decided to stop in at the Sobieck home to find out what was going on. Upon their arrival and to their surprise they found the property abandoned and a swimming pool full of water. This was the perfect invitation for Seidl to use the pool uninhibited and without the Sobieck's consent made it even better. Soon Poquette-Seidl began ripping off her clothes after removing a bathing suit from the trunk of her car she donned the suit and penetrated the pool.

Joanne Poquette in charge of refreshments soon discovered the storage areas for alcoholic beverages and the trio was on their way to a good time. Soon early afternoon gave way to early
A katandmick photo
evening and the two drinkers looked after by the Kat began to get hungry. Upon finishing a job for a neighbor I returned home to a ringing phone whereby the two sisters requested I bring home a pizza dinner to sooth their starving bellies.

Poquette-Seidl sure that Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck was
Poquette-Seidl holds on for dear life in the "Jean Pool" at the Sobieck home
already mad at her for something else planned to leave before the couple arrived back home however the Sobieck's and Treml's arrived back at their modest Hobart home in time to catch Poquette-Seidl dripping with pool water. To make matters worse a call from from Seidl's husband scolding her for being gone all day with no notice rendered the former queen of Chicken Night speechless and pale shortly before her hasty departure.

Ashley Hansen apparently gave birth Friday to her daughter Olivia. The birth came days after the predicted due date and according to Jean Poquette-Seidl occurred with no complications. The Baby delivered by her employer Dr. Hotchandani a cosmetic surgeon,  immediately changed her looks before being discharged from the hospital. With great disappointment the couple came to realize that no call came from either Kim Kardashian or fellow musician Kanye West about the birth.

Apparently the much acclaimed love interest of Logan Sobieck fizzled this past week after plans fell through to move with the girl to Arizona.
Joanne Poquette
Sobieck 21, became infatuated with the Wyoming native after being alone so many months in the sparely populated state. Apparently differences in age and other interests caused the couple to drift apart. For the time being Sobieck will remain working for the same company in the same location.
Logan Sobieck
In a stunning health evaluation Margaret "Peg" Vanlanen was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and will need to have a defibrillator permanently installed in her chest. The 65 year old Vanlanen complained several times of
shortness of breath and missed several bus routes while riding with the Kat due to problems stemming from the illness. "Lefty" as she is known to some family members is unshaken by the diagnoses and even predicts how long she can live with the electronic shocker in her chest. After the surgery is completed and when school starts again she plans to return to her bus aide job riding Kat's bus.
Margaret "Peg" Vanlanen
That's all the news that is news, see ya.