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June 9, 2013
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A katandmick file photo
Can this marriage be saved? At least one reader thinks so.
See how I propose they fix it below,
Dear, Kat. I was just wondering what you thought about a reconciliation with the others, (Joann, Shelly) and  their husbands?  I think if Rick and Bobbie can do it, there might be hope for these marriages also?


Dear Anonymous, while it's true that Rick and Bobbie worked out their differences in their marriage, I'm not sure the others mentioned would be comfortable using the proven methods that Rick and Bobbie embraced to weave their dismembered marriage back to a healthy union. The Poquette's used tried and true methods to patch up their marriage breakdown and were willing to put everything out on facebook and accept opinions from many to reconcile. This is what I suggest these people mentioned by you do and let the healing begin. While some naysayers criticize Rick and Bobbie for their facebook actions I applaud them for it. Get everything out in the open and seek the public's opinion. Do it.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
                ean Poquette-Seidl has thrown a baby shower for her daughter Ashley Hansen and couldn't be more happier that she will become a grandma again. Seidl 52 has come to the realization that Ashley is going to be the only child that is going to give her grandchildren and she is O.K. with that.
The eldest of the family Jessica and the youngest Ben seem to have no interest in raising a family but Seidl says that if that's what they want then that's OK with her.

Hansen 32 was honored to have a shower thrown for her new baby because she had ridden
herself of all the worldly positions required for baby raising thinking she would not be impregnated ever again. After a particularly long concert given by the band 5 Man of which her soul mate Mike Vandenhouvel is a guitarist, he returned home and impregnated her for a second time. Vandenhouvel 38, works for Dennis Bachall Rubber Co. and on the weekends plays guitar for the wildly popular band 5 Man. Vandenhouvel is not worried about supporting the new member of his family because he is earning a paycheck from the rubber supplies company and making the big bucks strumming his guitar as well. His wife Ashley (the impregnated one) also works for the renown Dr. Hotchandanni an expert in removing warts and other fine cosmetic miracles.

The party was held today at the modest Greenleaf home of Hansen's mother Jean Poquette-Seidl. Many relatives and friends were in attendance and the baby seemed pleased in her womb at the gifts. Seidl served a tasty lunch and guests brought a myriad of side dishes and deserts for the other guests to gorge themselves with. After everyone had eaten and was fat and lazy Ashley opened the gifts and was amazed at the outpouring of generosity shown to her and her new baby by the visitors seated before her.
Ashley Hansen
A reader this week thinks people can mend fences and go back to the way it was. The reader cites examples and suggests others do the same. I have a solution from watching the example suggested by the reader.