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June 30, 2013
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Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs The Beloit Snappers
Game date: August 3 - Game time 6:35 PM - Ticket price $9 ea.
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A katandmick photo
                 ogan Sobieck is in Love!

For the first time in his life Logan Sobieck is serious about a girl. The Girl, Chanel McCann, a native of Gillette Wyoming. Previous to this close encounter Sobieck was only thought to be serious about one 
other girl, Jenna Zeske, but as it turned out everyone else was more serious about it than he was. The Sobieck-Zeske union got off to a good start but after nearly three quarters of a year it fizzled one day and Sobieck left Zeske at the bus stop to fenn for herself. Some say the Sobieck Zeske match up made by 
Sobieck's mother Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck, failed to gel due to the large age difference between the two with Zeske being 9 years older than Sobieck. Trixie did her part to make the arraingement work with
Zeske being allowed to make frequent visits to the Sobieck home and Trixie even giving common gifts to the couple to force them to share. Trixie even went so far as to pick out a baby dog (puppy) to give to Zeske for her birthday from Logan which became a problem at the time of the breakup when
neither party wanted to cut the dog in half. A more civil agreement was worked out whereby Sobieck kept the laptop computer all on one piece (also common property), and Zeske took the dog, in tact as well. Apparently the age difference was not the problem at all and as it turns out Sobieck likes older raven haired women. McCann is again the senior of the two with as many as 8 years his elder.
Many wonder what makes McCann the more serious candidate over any other female Sobieck has been with to date. The answer is simple, he is willing to move to another state with her. Sobieck informed his siblings and parents that he most likely will be moving to Arizona. No timetable or date has been set but sobieck is serious about the move and the girl and says he is moving because of a job offer she is seeking. McCann a mother also is lucky to have Sobieck as a love interest as he is a good playmate for her son, who admires Sobieck as much as his mother does.

At a recent get together presenting Aimee Richey and her family at the Sobieck home in a sparcely populated section of Hobart for social interaction, Brittany Rezek was asked if she has yet become impregnated. Her answer was a resounding "no" and this marks the 33rd month since she wed Jeremy Rezik that she has failed to produce a child. Rezik now 27 states that she is not planning to have a child in the near future and if she has her way, she will "do something drastic" to keep impregnation from happening.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Jenna Zeske
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck
Loggie Doggie with raven haired beauty Chanel McCann