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March 17, 2013
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                        argaret Vanlanen known as "Peg" to friends and "Lefty" to certain family members was hospitalized Thursday afternoon.

Peg Vanlanen was transported to Bellin Hospital Thursday by Cleen Poquette after complaining of chest pains, shortness of breath and pain in her jaw. Vanlanen 68, began having problems on Tuesday while in bed but ignored the symptoms. After a second night of chest pain she mentioned to her sister The Kat that she may be having some kind of problem. After hearing of her symptoms The Kat immediately ordered her to cease her bus aide job and seek medical attention at once. Vanlanen resisted citing an appointment for her two cats to be checked over by a local veterinarian that would be missed if she were not there to take them.
A katandmick photo
Vanlenen in pain after being admitted to hospital for "heart attack like" symptoms
She waited yet another day before seeking medical attention but only after The Kat said she would refuse to pick her up with the bus for her bus aide job. Finally Thursday she had Cleen who was off of work after having surgery on her shoulder to take her to the hospital.
Cleen Poquette
Vanlanen called the KAMR offices on Thursday night to say they were keeping her overnight but had not yet had diagnoses for her ailments. No news was forwarded on Friday and it wasn't until Saturday that Vanlanen's status was learned from her husband Dan Vanlanen. Dan Vanlanen stated that he was told that Peg's symptoms were related to fluid on her lung and that may have been related to her blood pressure medication. Vanlanen went on to say that they had done extensive testing and
had not found any blockage in her cardiac vascular plumbing and no bypass or stent placement was necessary. This was a relief to both of the Vanlanens and they seemed pleased with the diagnoses. After some observation and a change in her medication she would be released Saturday according to Vanlanen.
Dan Vanlanen
Vanlanen has had several hospital visits over the past few years for mostly minor things with the most serious being her broken leg in 2004. Vanlanen suffered the fracture after falling entering a store in New London during a going out of business sale. Not wanting to attract attention she dragged herself back to the car and instructed her husband Dan to take her to hospital.

Upon arriving at St. Mary's hospital and receiving an examination the attending physician rejected her claims of a broken leg outright and sent her home. This presented the problem of getting up the steps whereby friends and relatives were pressed into service to carry Vanlanen up the stairs in a blanket. The process went pretty well and soon Vanlanen was resting comfortably on her favorite chair when the phone rang.
A katandmick photo
The hospital phoned the Vanlanen home frantically urging Peg to return because as it turned out she had a broken leg. The change of heart occurred after the attending physician had read the X-Rays. Once again the blanket method was used but some of the friends and relatives had left, so with less help the few people left began the blanket drag back to the car with Vanlanen in tow. Fewer people meant less support causing Vanlanen's head to flop around like a wet noodle. When they got to the stairs her head flopped down hitting the first step violently bouncing up, then down hitting the next step on the rebound, much the same as an uncontrolled bowling ball bouncing down the steps.
Peg Vanlanen prepares to be dragged down the stairs
That's all the news that is news, see ya.