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March 31, 2013
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Who is the most hansome of Mary Poquette's sons?

                      ince 2005 the Sobieck's have been hosting an Easter egg hunt for close family members at their functional and modest Hobart home on Florist drive.

The hunt is designed to give equal opportunity to all the children of all ages to hunt and find Easter eggs filled with candy and treats. Last year however it seemed that the Treml teens, Emily and Kaitlyn along with Lance Pickett conceived a plot to scour the egg laden lawn and scoop up most of the eggs before the less fortunate younger children had a chance to grab them. While many of the children wound up with a few eggs in their basket or bag the conniving three were able to walk away from the hunt with a pile fit to be hauled by a wheel barrow. 

While Kate-Land and Lance are 17 years of age, Emily is only 15 and thought to be still border line for the age cut off of the hunt, however her participation in the plot and obvious conniving advanced the need for her expulsion from the hunt.

What could have those three sweet children done to upset the hunt so badly that they must be banned from hunting Easter eggs you might ask. Well it seems that the trio scoped out the yard ahead of time and noted where all the eggs were hidden so that the looking time was cut down considerably. The children are asked not to do this or move eggs ahead of time. The three had made a pact that they would each canvass a part of the yard scooping as many eggs as possible and they would pool their haul and share it equally among themselves.

The scheme was thought to be perfect but the three had brought the eggs in and piled them up and many
A katandmick photo
Emily, Lance, and Kate-Land examine their haul from last years hunt, sadly they are banned this year after a hoarding plot was uncovered.
became suspicious of their fortune. After parents collaborated and put two and two together they figured out what had happened. Parents blamed themselves for letting the trio on their own unchecked. Judy Treml mother of the Treml teens seemed even more disappointed after suspecting the three of pilfering money from eggs planted the previous year.
Judy Treml
The formal banning of the teens came at the last "Fat Club" meeting a week ago when the subject of the holiday came up. A motion was quickly made to exclude the trio from this years hunt and agreed to by all. Judy Treml was on vacation and not present during the vote, and as usual the group talked about her in detail.

This years hunt will begin at 3PM with dinner after the hunt. That way the children will be full of candy and won't eat much dinner thus resulting in a net savings in food costs. We have been informed that no white eggs will be used so they will not be hidden in the snow.
Last weeks "Ask the Kat" feature in The Newsletter resulted in many votes cast in the poll. Voting will continue for a while on this poll until we have everyone's vote.
At last check David was ahead with 9 votes and 53%.
That's all the news that is news, see ya.