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May 5, 2013
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A katandmick photo
              ean Poquette-Seidl has had her gall bladder removed and some of her pride came with it.

While visiting the doctor for symptoms related to the failure of her gall bladder exacerbated by her Easter Day binge drinking, Poquette-Seidl was ordered to be scanned by the hospitals MRI scanner. The doctor ordered the scan because she exhibited the symptoms and had been complaining of gall bladder pain in the past.

Everything began normally as she prepared herself to be scanned by the hospitals ominous medical scanner. She removed clothing as ordered and drank the special "milk shake" designed to make her internal parts glow in the eyes of the electro mechanical physician. She mounted the machine laying in the middle of the moving table as requested and slowly the table moved her and her pain into the tunnel. When she was nearly half way through her stomach, or pouch since her barriatric surgery, began rumbling. Soon the intestinal disruption became more intense and louder to the point where hospital staff attending to her needs heard the low pitched sound and wondered what was going on. Poquette-Seidl knowing that something was amiss with her intestinal tract signaled the staff that a bathroom emergency may be eminent and alerted them to be ready to take action on her command.

The staff told her that "sometimes the drink given to patients before entering the machine gives people the need to use the bathroom. She should just hold it until the scan is done." Not liking this news Poquette-Seidl told the staff that she didn't think she could make it, and before the moving table returned to it's home position where the patients dismount Poquette-Seidl was trying to get off. Warned by the staff that she had to wait for the table to reach home position she tried to get back on but couldn't make it and had an accident right on the table.

The staff now furious with the former Queen of the now defunct Chicken Night began to berate her and hustled her to the bathroom. Other staff members were summoned organizing a special clean up team donning special protective  encapsulated suits with scrub pails and brushes to clean up the hazardous human waste. At the last moment before leaving she was told that if the team was unable to clean up the unfortunate mishap she would have to pay to purchase a new machine and that one would become hers. Poquette-Seidl went home upset about her dilemma and actually looked forward to the surgery hoping the removal of the defective gall bladder would result in better bowel control.
Jean Poquette-Seidl seen here ready to enter the MRI machine before an embarrassing bowel mishap on the hospitals machine
The public has spoken and according to the KAMR's latest poll Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck has been chosen by the public as Mary Poquette's most beautiful daughter. The impartial poll has been running on this publication for the past three weeks. Contestants were encouraged to campaign to become the winner of the poll, but little was seen in the way of that.
The poll began with "The Kat" ahead the first week followed by Joanne Lade the second and just before the polls closed Trixie Sobieck took the lead. Congratulations to Trixie for winning the poll and sorry to all the losers you just weren't pretty enough. Here is a breakdown of the vote.
Votes in most beautiful daughter poll
NAME                           VOTES               VOTE %

Eileen Trixie Sobieck       199                       54%

Joanne Lade                    101                       27%

Kathy Pickett                    55                       15%

Jean Poquette-Seidl            7                         2%

Cheryl Poquette                  3                        2%

Sue Wenzel                        2                        1%

Judy Treml                          1          less than 1%

Mary Meeuwsen                  1          less than 1%

Margaret Vanlanen               1          less than 1 %
A katandmick photo
Eileen Trixie Sobieck the obvious peoples choice for Mary Poquette's most beautiful daughter