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May 19, 2013
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A katandmick file photo
                udy Treml has long been described in many ways and under many scenario's by friends and family alike, but she has never been compared to a Nazi until her own daughters were asked about her.

Treml 42, has been a mother for 18 years and through that time she has managed many situations with her three daughters pertaining to school, camp, and even their friends. Until recently Treml has had a pretty normal relationship with the other female residents of the house, until last year when the family hosted a summer party marking the the Labor Day holiday. That's when Treml pulled out all the stops regarding the preparations for the party. Treml ordered all the children to clean and organize the house while she prepared the food and saw to the needs of the guests at the party. 

Evidently the children's idea of cleaning and organizing is different than Treml's and soon disagreements arose. Hoping to curb the tide of disagreement with their mother the girls sought out
Judy Treml, described by her offspring as the "party Nazi" stands her ground demanding the girls do the cleaning but considers hiring a domestic aide
the help of their father Scott Treml who after hearing the arguments of the girls decided to remain neutral in the matter offering no opinion either way so as to be unbiased should the matter come to his supreme court for a decision. Scott Treml 43, had enough work of his own tending to the newly formed water hole which formed after fill for another
part of the Treml's ranch was excavated. Children and adults alike are invited to swim in the hole in which Treml himself has swam in. Scott Treml insists there are no alligators living in the eco-system of the water hole.
It is not known if Judy Treml will again turn into the party Nazi or not but we should be able to hear it from the children on the day of the party a week from Monday beginning at 1 PM. According to the Kat one need not worry about bringing his or her own drinks but the hostess, AKA the party Nazi,  would like everyone to bring a dish to pass.

Once again the Wisconsin Timber Rattler outing will be held this year on August 3 at Time Warner Cable Field in Grand Chute the game is at 6:35 and fireworks are to follow the game. Tailgating will begin at 4 PM in the far corner of the parking lot. Tickets this year are $9.00 each and are the usual box seats in sections 107 and 109. Tickets can be reserved below and must be paid prior to the purchase deadline August 10th.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers vs The Beloit Snappers
Game date: August 3 - Game time 6:35 PM - Ticket price $9 ea.
Tailgating -  Fireworks - Promotions

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Scott Treml