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Nov. 10, 2013
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A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
               n  a stunning move by the XPFL, the league had the speed limit changed on Florist Drive in the Village of Hobart.

Florist Drive, the road that serves Poquette Field will be packed with cars in a couple of weeks when spectators arrive to see TB XIV. Those people won't have to worry about cars whizzing by them inches away at 45 mile per hour any more. The XPFL has demanded that the Village of Hobart change the speed limit on the entire length of the road for spectator safety . XPFL commissioner Brandon Pickett who could not be reached for comment regarding the speed limit change has spoke out often in the past regarding the safety of spectators walking to the game.

The measure may prove to be temporary should the Village and the XPFL come to common ground in on going negotiations regarding building the league a domed stadium using tax dollars. The two at this point seem to be at odds over the location of the new stadium and the naming rights. The league wants to build it at the current out door Poquette Field location, but the village doesn't like the parking limitations. The league is asking the village to condemn the property across the street, level the building and use it for a parking ramp for the new stadium. The Village is considering the plan but wants exclusive rights regarding naming the new stadium. At this time the village officials are still discussing whose name will be used. Alternatively the village would like to build the stadium complex adjacent to the fire station on the end of the road taking land from the neighboring field.

Residents welcomed the speed limit change as most of them walk to the game and have been narrowly missed in past years.
Hobart has changed the speed limit leading to Poquette Field
Recent speculation regarding the Purshock family and their attendance to the Turkey Bowl has prompted Cheryl Purshock to respond to this writer about the turkey day plans. After a long
discussion with husband Steve, Purshock has decided to go it alone and come to the badger state for the annual football extravaganza. Purshock is expected to arrive the Wednesday before turkey week, but will leave the day after the game. The 9 day visit will allow Purshock to catch up with family and friends as well as photograph the turkey bowl using her professional photography skills learned in the Air
In other Turkey Bowl news, game leader for the Blue Jell-O's Willie Cornelius has announced he will not play for the team this year after injuries received in the semi professional league he participates in. Cornelius a favorite of the crowd and referred to as "The Bus" by announcers and spectators alike made the announcement by facebook to the Kat. Cornelius said he needs to heal and could not play and insists that he has not been bullied by displaced NFL player Ritchie Incogneito.  

Half time entertainment may include old timers arm wrestling. A plan is in the works to have Dan Vanlanen arm wrestle Joe Sobieck at the end of halftime.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Cheryl Purshock