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Nov. 24, 2013
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A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
                      he paint came out today to line the field for the epic yearly sports extravaganza known to locals as "The Turkey Bowl."

For 14 years the Village of Hobart looks forward to the day of Thanksgiving for food, family and The Turkey Bowl. This year is no exception as travelers from as far away as California and Tennessee have trekked north to view the yearly competition, wondering if the Hobart Blue Jell-O's can take back the "Mary Poquette Award" currently held by the Oneida Red Gobblers.
The Red Gobblers have won the yearly match up for the last three years and the Blue Jell-O's are without their star power runner Willie Cornelius who is known for breaking tackles and staying on his feet. Cornelius was injured while playing semi
pro football this fall and may have to have surgery on his ankle which hurt real bad according to the Blue Jell-O captain.

The Field was in pristine condition this morning so field manager Kevin Sobieck ordered the crew to assemble and be ready to paint. Sobieck who closely monitors the weather noticed on a late prediction that snow flurries were forecast for the early part of turkey week and painting is greatly complicated by snow. In order to complete the field on time and to his high standards he demanded the field be painted today. Alex Pickett, Logan Sobieck, and this writer converged on the sacred turf of Poquette Field and along with Kevin and began the process of lining the field. Painting was complete by 12:30 PM and the press box only needed finishing touches to see it's completion, and Sobieck assured me that he would complete it today.
Willie Cornelius
Only the middle design remains to be painted and that is done by the XPFL Commissioner himself, Brandon Pickett to his high quality specifications. Pickett usually performs the task at the last minute so it is somewhat of a surprise on game day.

Stephonia Prevost has switched careers at her present place of employment, the Golden House. The Golden House is a non profit
organization dedicated to giving battered women safe shelter while getting their affairs in order regarding their boyfriend or mate. Prevost who up to this point worked in general management of the living facility will now be involved in the counseling part of the organization where the women are coached through hard times and Prevost working as a councilor will help them seek the right path to get back on their feet.
Stephonia Prevost points the finger of support at her clients
That's all the news that is news, see ya.
A small but dedicated crew readies Poquette Field for the game