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October 6, 2013
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Those in the weight reduction meeting called "Fat Club" may be loosing their host.
           t's been 5 years for those attending the semiweekly weight reduction meetings for what's known as "Fat Club" here at the KAMR headquarters. Some of those attending regularly are concerned that the party may be over.

While some have lost weight, others still remain plump and fight the battle of the bulge on a daily basis. Now some of those with a long way to go reducing their waistline measurement are concerned that their leader and mentor Kat Pickett is abandoning them to take a weekend job. Most vocal in the debate is Jean Poquette-Seidl who
immediately declared the end of fat club if the Kat was not there to be the host. Poquette-Seidl went on to say that no one could take the place of the Kat and all would be lost if she left. I volunteered to take over the helm of the Fat
Club ship but Poquette-Seidl seemed displeased by the offer and continued to predict the end of the tradition that began at the Poquette homestead some 35 years ago.

Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck who immediately offered her home as the new meeting place for the "Fat Club" received a cool reception to the idea.  Few members voted in favor of the change and Poquette-Seidl and her group of zealots declared the definite end of the group while refusing to move to a new venue.

Those wondering what the job is that the Kat is considering were told by Poquette-Seidl that she had accepted a position as a stripper at the Oval Office in Green Bay. While nothing could be further from the truth some hesitated for a moment before asking again. The Kat will be accepting a job as a sample host at the local Copps Food Stores in Green Bay, no stripping involved.

In other news at the Fat Club Brittany Rezek was outraged by the so called "double standard" set forth by her parents regarding chores during her childhood. Rezek says she always was called upon to clean up and do laundry while the boys in the family got to go outside and cut lawn or perform other menial outdoor labor.
Jean Poquette-Seidl
Kat to pass out samples at Copps Stores which may end the Fat Club tradition
* Eileen Trixie Sobieck made everyone aware Stephonia Prevost was attending the Saturday meeting after nearly a 3 month hiatus.  Prevost who failed to have her publicist inform the group of her intention to attend had no other engagement this week and
made no comment regarding her future intentions to attend. She did however comment on how good the pumpkin crumble was that the Kat had just baked. The recipe was taken from facebook, and the FC members were a bit skiddish sampling the product after the 35 calorie facebook brownie debacle two weeks previous, some members peeled the brownie remnants from their open mouths to the garbage can. 
Stephonia Prevost
The annual Seidl pumpkin carving party has been announced to be on Saturday October 26th. and according to Jean Poquette-Seidl it will begin at 12 Noon. The previous carvings had started at 1 PM but due to popular demand Poquette-Seidl agreed to move the start time an hour earlier. The usual spread of food will be on the counter for those wishing to eat. Poquette-Seidl reminisced how last years carving was her last hurrah before her surgery.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
A katandmick photo