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September 15, 2013
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A katandmick photo
                     ith winter approaching the Dan Vanlanen family decided it was time to replace the living room floor before the snow starts to fly.

Dan Vanlanen 66, inquired about the sub floor with his floor man after noticing linoleum under the carpet when he performed it's removal. The floor man assured him that he would take care of everything and he should not worry, however Vanlanen being of a practical nature and now having a lot of time on his hands decided to go ahead and remove the old floor himself. He rented a machine and peeled up the linoleum from the sub floor. After consulting with the writer of this column it was suggested that a few screws be run into the floor in an area that "creaked" when traffic walked over the spot. As I ran in the screws I noticed that Vanlanen tested the rest of the floor while I was running screws. Sure enough he had found numerous other spots where the floor was making noise. More screws were run in until I had exhausted my two batteries in my screw guns.

One might think that the family would opt to replace the carpet with another rug, but that is not the case.
Dan Vanlanen removes flooring while the feline languish in the remains
Peg Vanlanen thought it better and and easier to maintain to put down vinyl flooring in the room. "In this day and age they can make vinyl look like anything" Vanlanen said of the new floor hinting that the pair may have chosen a wood grain pattern. Peg Vanlanen reacted negatively when I suggested they put in a hardwood floor
saying that with the large number of feline pets around the homestead things were likely to be spilled on the floor and she said that a wood floor would not fare well with the liquid seeping into the cracks between the boards.

Dan Vanlanen not wanting to upset the apple cart remained without opinion and only was concerned about the creaks in the floor. The flooring job is expected to be completed this week.
Peg Vanlanen
Joanne Poquette hopes to sell her upscale Allouez home soon and is offering the home at a bargain price to anyone
who is interested. Poquette 55, is hoping to sell the home before winter and arrange to move to Cincinnati Ohio to live near her daughter Aimee and her grandchildren. If you know anyone looking for a nice home, hook them up with Jo.

That's all the news that is news, see ya.
Joanne Poquette