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James, the intimidating Easter Bunny visits the Sobieck home to wreak havoc on the children, Bailey Prevost displays a worried look
t wouldn't be Easter Day without the annual Easter egg hunt at the Sobieck's modest Hobart conventional two story home. As promised the Sobieck's will place about 5, 000 eggs out for the children to hunt up. Occasionally the youngsters dig up eggs from former hunts sometimes decades old. This year they are hoping to locate those eggs that contain the 5 dollar bills that were never found.
It is not known who will be attending this years gala event which marks the beginning of spring and warmer weather to come. Those with children usually attend to participate in the egg hunt but historically several of the Sobieck offspring attend, sometimes sporting a new love interest on their arm. Other friends and cousins join in also later in the afternoon. Even those with no small children of their own attend if only to watch their or someone else's grandchildren hunt for the eggs. Jean Poquette Seidl is one of the grandmas who enjoys watching her daughters children run about looking for hidden treasures in the Sobieck's yard. Several times in the past however "James, the intimidating Easter Bunny" snuck into her car and made an appearance at the event giving the children an insecure feeling as if he were angered they were picking up his eggs. Even though he never approached any one individual to complain he could often be heard in the background droning on about something or other.

The number of eggs planted as always is kept a secret and as always there is no wagering on who's child gathers the most eggs.

This week marks the fourth week that the Kat Pickett is training at Green Bay Metro and after riding all the routes she will began driving revenue runs this week under the supervision of veteran Metro bus drivers. Pickett's training has been segmented into parts of the days that she will eventually be working on her own. As a new driver she is expected to work her schedule of something called "the extra board" whereby she is filling in for drivers that off for vacation, doctors appointments, sick or for any other reason they can't come to work. This will continue until she can climb in seniority and achieve the status where she has a route of her own. At this point the seems to be about a year away. Until that time she has an uncertain schedule and hours. She finds the work interesting but still admits the duties asked of her seem daunting and will take some time to get used to. By the end of the month she should be out of training and working on her own. Metro is already talking about hiring more drivers so she will be moving up on the extra board already.

As of Saturday Joanne Poquette has most of her belongings moved out of her posh Ravine Way home which was sold. Final papers will be signed on Thursday and Lade will be completely out on Friday. As an interesting side note Kevin Sobieck who helped Poquette make minor repairs to satisfy the home inspection has agreed to remodel the bathroom for the new owners and has already begun by stripping out the old fixtures and cabinets. Sobieck and out of work construction supervisor welcomed the job as a continuing source of income.