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A katandmick photo
After falling up the stairs, Jean Poquette-Seidl had to be helped to her seat at the theater
            ust as everyone was settling in to watch the 9th performance of "Dearly Beloved" at the Green Bay Community Theater the expected silence of the music followed by the obligatory announcements at 7:30 PM never came. The show was to begin but there was a delay, word finally arrived back stage that someone needed help to get to their seat. The actors thought it was possibly a wheel chair to get into place, yet no wheel chair came in the back entrance and stage door. By the time that we reached the second act everyone knew the story. Someone, a lady had had too much wine and couldn't negotiate the stairs without help. After asking for a description I realized it could very well be Jean Poquette-Seidl holding up the show.

Sure enough the next day I had learned that she indeed had been responsible for the increased wine sales at the Saturday evening show, and indeed had held the start of the show. The theater manager said that that show sold more wine than any other show of this run. Seidl stunned the servers by demanding ice which had never been requested before according to the wait staff in the community room. They could not guarantee the quality of the ice and suggested that it may have sat in that freezer for years. Yet Seidl seemed pleased and was calmed by the thud of the old stale ice cubes hitting the side of her plastic cup.

After quickly consuming the wine Seidl tried to make her way into the theater for the start of the show, by this time everyone else had abandoned her to find their seats. Seidl now noticeably tipsy to the usher staff and production crew had fallen up the stairs to the theater, she was quickly helped to her feet and shown to her seat but not before the show's start had been delayed by about 3 minutes.

The show, a success even with the added drama before hand closed today with it's last show at 2PM. The writer of this column had a part in the production and would like to make it known that I was grateful for getting the part. It should also be noted that The Kat deserves many thanks for putting up with me attending rehearsals for weeks on end, and keeping the KAMR up to date during my busy rehearsal schedule. My thanks to all of you who attended the show, you know who you are.
The final curtain call of "Dearly Beloved" which closed today at Green Bay Community Theater
photo by Monty Witt