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o longer will you have to wiggle in between the stinky fat snow plow drivers and the irresponsible mothers who feed their children doughnuts for breakfast, just to get a version of their definition of a fresh doughnut at De Pere's premier market. I personally am sick of fighting for fresh doughnuts at the last bakery resource at De Pere's Festival Foods, a chain store who probably is responsible for the demise of all the real bakeries in town. The last real bakery in the Green Bay metropolis is on
Green Bay's University Avenue, and still goes by the name "The Willow Street Bakery" a reference made to the street's former name, vintage 1960's. While they are still the one family owned real bakery in Green Bay, it is and has been one of the best in the city as well. Even when there were near a dozen real bakeries in the area, Willow Street was one of, if not the best in the city.

Since the advent of super sized super markets such as Wal-Mart, Festival, Copps, and years ago Cub Foods, a trip to the bakery has become a special occasion instead of a necessity as it was years ago when fresh bread doughnuts and rolls could only be found at these establishments. Now even though the quality is substandard shoppers seem to be satisfied to purchase their bread and sweets from the chain stores. Some shoppers such as Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck fought back when stores tried to trick those shoppers by trying to sell products such as doughnut holes even though no such thing could ever exist. Sobieck would not stand for it and put her foot down with the management of Festival Foods, creating a scene in the store demanding the truth. The store responded by renaming the product to more honestly reflect the true composition of the product. Click here for the Sobieck story.

While this all sounds all very discouraging there is a light on the horizon, Dunkin Doughnuts has announced they will be opening two stores in the Green Bay area and one is in De Pere. The abandoned store at 950 Main St. formerly the Hostess used bread store will be the first store to open in the Green Bay area as the new dunkin doughnuts. I for one will be happy to wait in line and get personalized service from a counter rather than fight elbow to elbow with grubby construction workers adorned in lime green vests caked with mud or skin peeling tanked topped landscapers peering at you though wrap around sun glasses. Nothing is more unappealing than going into a self serve doughnut box after these cronies just filled up their boxes, that is if there's any left after feeding all of their fat co-workers. Not only will there be a fine selection of perfect doughnuts but some fine Dunkin Doughnuts coffee as well, worth the time  to stop there by itself. The second doughnut shop is to be located in an as of yet unannounced location in the Village of Howard. The company operating the stores, Midwest Mocha has announced yet a third location is to be opened in Appleton, but no date or location has been selected as of yet.  It is good to have a better choice for doughnuts than the chain stored or traveling all the way to the other side of town for real bakery. The De Pere store is scheduled to open the middle or end of May. Progress for the construction of the new store can be tracked here and the KAMR will be on top of the date for the grand opening.