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21 People participated the first year and, four are not pictured here
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he  first of the Poquette Family outings was held at The Royal Scot Golf Course near New Franken WI arraigned by Stephonia Prevost and was hailed a huge success. That was in 2010 and since that time the annual golf meet up has been held and two other locations. The 2011 outing was held just on the outside of West De Pere at Highland Ridge Golf Course, a newer course featuring a pond with a waterfall. Last year yet another course was chosen, Mid Valee Golf Course.
Many of the golfers of the 2011 group did not prefer Highland Ridge so Mid Valee was chosen as an alternate location to try out and get reactions. Most people agreed that the course was challenging enough for the more accomplished golfer while not too difficult for the average and occasional golfer. Alex Pickett organizer of the event said that the same venue was chosen again for this year based on last years reactions. Pickett: "I think most people were happy with the course last year."

The game itself will be best ball whereby the 4 member group picks the best ball of the 4 on every stroke for a team score. No prize if offered for the winner but gloating rights are awarded to the winning team. For those of you who are not regular golfers Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck offers this advice. Sobieck: "Just think of every swing as if you're playing miniature golf and picture the clowns face ahead of you on the fairway." Sobieck claims that her sustained success even though she's only a casual golfer is due to this procedure.

Last year was also the first year that the Sobieck's hosted the after party and those attending were allowed to languish in their 75' long pool. The Sobieck's provided food and those attending were encouraged to bring a dish to pass. This years event will again see a repeat of the Sobieck's hosting the after party so bring your swim suit if you can swim. This writer cannot swim however and prefers to spend my time sitting near the pool or fire pit. Kevin Sobieck is constructing a new fireplace outside near the pool for evening fires and gatherings.

The new fireplace features a level surface patio in front of it made from paving bricks and a stairs to make your way to the top deck. What this means is Jean Poquette Seidl will no longer have to be towed and pushed from behind to make it up the hill like from the previous fire pit. The previous method of returning to the house for Seidl often resulted in her derailment and toppling to the ground on her side at least once or twice before entering the domicile. It is not known if the fireplace itself will be ready for the after party.

There are still many slots open to sign up, with only 12 people already registered, a far cry from 2010's 21. Two teams have two openings each. Contact Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck for advice on what dish to bring. Happy golfing.