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Last years team took first place in the PFGO
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ast year the team took first place at the PFGO in spite of grueling hot weather.
This year the fruit may not be hanging as low as last year with the growing number of participants in the fourth year of the continuing family tournament. The first years record number of participants 21 has been surpassed if everyone shows up at the summer sporting event. This
years event boasts a sign up sheet showing 24 participants. Teams had to be added to the already booked popular outdoor competition. But event organizer Alex Pickett insists that everyone will be pleased with the outcome, even with the extra teams added on. This years TEE Time is 1 PM and the price for 9 holes with a cart is $28. Even if the odds are greater for defeat this year, the team will assemble again just as they did last year believing that once again they can take the title in the PFGO.

Attendance is thought to have increased largely due to the lifting of the ban on non family members attending without the express written consent of Jean Poquette-Seidl, a concern thought to be a burden by those not related having to have an audience Poquette-Seidl seeking her permission. Poquette-Seidl has said she will forgo the event this year in keeping with her recent attitude of curtailing socializing with family. Her abstention from play automatically negates her rule of giving a nod to non family.

The after party is shaping up to once again be a largely entertaining gathering with  about the same number attending as golfing give or take a few. Only one team is not coming to the after party but other guests are anticipated to attend even though golfing is not their forte. Of course the pool is open if you are interested bring your swimming suit and jump in. The Sobieck's are providing the main course (picnic food, hamb. brats) and those attending may bring a dish to pass. As always a good time is had by all at the outing and the after party.
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Even though his birthday isn't until August 12 his family planned a surprise party at the Kevin and Eileen (Trixie) Sobieck home on Saturday August 9 th. Jusephi a house framer by trade, came to America as an emigrant and learned what he had to to become a US citizen. While in America he traveled around the states seeking work and looking for a place to call home when he stumbled upon the love of his life Brenda Sobieck. Sobieck met Jusephi while working in New York City as a nanny and later married and had two children. The highlight of the party was the Hot Dog Buffet where as many as 6 different type of hot dogs languished in serving brine and could be topped with dozens of types of condiments along with choices of chili, relishes and my favorite sour kraut. Manning the bar was Eileen (Trixie) Sobieck until lunch was served then guests had to fen for themselves, popcorn was also available and again tasted like "heaven in a bag".
Eileen (Trixie) Sobieck enjoys a cool dip after last years golf outing