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A katandmick Photo
This years PFGO winners by the Pool at the party. Foreground Left to Right: TJ Rolain, Tony Sturm, Alex Pickett and Justin Sobieck (not shown)
A katandmick photo
his years winners of the Poquette Family Golf Outing were the Rainbow Putters coming in at two under par. Those on the winning team credit Justin Sobieck for the win because of his excellent drives. who took the title last year came in second with one under par. P.E.C.D. came in third with an even par. Other teams finished further behind withe the closest being the Roomies at two over par.
Most of the women visiting in the living room fled after a Spiderman was discovered hiding in the corner
Many of this years contestants were worried about rain but that threat never materialized. The record for attendance which was to be broken this year was not because of a mix up over the venue. Blackie Cornelius was supposed to golf with his friends in the PFGO but was mistaken about where the event was held. Cornelius was confused because two years ago the event was held at Highland Ridge Golf Course in West De Pere and he had not bothered to check so he just showed up there. This years event was of course held at Mid Vallee Golf Club on Mid Valley Road so when Cornelius found that no one was there from the PFGO he called around to see what was going on and he reached Dick Poquette who informed him of his error. Cornelius stated that they would be joining the group but never arrived, so it is not known if he was able to make contact with the rest of his team in time. With out his team attendance remained at 5 teams or 20 people.

No prize was given out for furthest to travel to the PFGO but if there was it would go to Joanne Poquette who came from her new home in Batesville IN to attend, and play in the team along with Jenny Skytta and Mike Hrubesky. Skytta and Hrubesky were not able to attend the after party but everyone else did and what a feed bag there was. Hot dogs were plentiful along with hamburgers and bratwurst as well as a fine selection of chips, potato salad and various vegetables of all kinds. Beans and other side dishes rounded out the choices of things to fill your plate with and no one left hungry. Although the pool was available no one went into the water due to the fierce cold that set in after the meal. Temperatures dropped into the 60's as those languishing by the pool scrambled for sweatshirts and jackets to keep their core temperature from dropping to the danger point. Most of the women congregated in the living room after the meal along with the wild pack of fu fu dogs that roam the Sobieck household unchecked foraging for food. The gaggle of females fled from the room however when a Spiderman was discovered hiding in the corner.