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With the Prevosts house plans complete work will begin soon, but the Sobieck's Boarding House will not have a vacancy for a while
he Sobieck's haven't put up their vacancy sign in a while and it may be some time before they do. Stephonia and Rick Prevost along with their son Bailey Prevost are sleeping at the Sobieck home for the time being and will be there for a while yet while the work on their new home is to begin. The Prevosts received their house plans this week and now it's time to get bids to build the new mansion.
Stephonia Prevost admitted that the potential exists for things to get tense at times at the Sobieck's modest Hobart home what with 7 people all living under one roof, but according to Prevost there have been no bumps in the road. Along with the Prevosts two of the Sobieck's prodigal sons have returned to live in the basement, one in a spare room and the other in a storage room. Prevost says that neither son is any trouble, with the youngest Logan gone almost all the time and the eldest of the children, Justin mellowed out from pain medication to treat his ailing back. To ease the situation even more Kevin is gone out on a job in North Dakota for most of the time while Rick works until about 5 PM every week night. This coming week Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck will begin going back to work at Sybil Hopp School as well as Justin who is returning to work following his back surgery. The following week Bailey will return to classes at a new school in De Pere where the family will eventually make it's home upon the completion of their new house.

Since the Prevosts arrived in Hobart Trixie and Stephonia spend a lot of time together walking the streets of Oneida, especially now that the speed limits have been lowered to a reasonable speed. While walking past the Earl Poquette Jr. residence they were lured in to inspect items for sale from the estate of Pat Poquette's parents which the family is trying to sell. Several items were purchased by Sobieck and Prevost including an antique radio phonograph combination once owned by Pats mother along with some pristine 45 RPM records in their original sleeves. Sobieck smitten by the antique radio purchased it immediately citing her love for antique radio shows but upon inspecting the item she found that some of the internal parts such as the speaker was missing. I told her that it may be possible to revive the old broadcast receiver but did not have the heart to break the news to her that it would not play antique radio shows. Another item purchased by Prevost was a serving platter for $5.00. Poquette was happy to get rid of the items and the girls were glad to get them.
A katandmick photo
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck seen here is a fan of old time radio