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A katandmick Photo
Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck seen here is a fan of old time radio
Phoenix Daniels eyeballs a cake for his his 9th birthday baked in his honor by Sarah Poquette who's shirt is covered in grease after a hard day at the oven
A katandmick photo
arah Poquette has announced that she is picking up her family and moving back to Wisconsin. Poquette 30 made the announcement last week stating that her moving to Seaford, Delaware has not really worked out so well for Phoenix her and the children. Poquette met her life partner Phoenix Daniels on line in early 2009 but did not meet him in person until December when he made the trek from Delaware to Wisconsin to meet his "angel" Sarah. The couple lived in Wisconsin for a while but
soon after their first child Ann was born they moved to Delaware in April 2011. Since that time Poquette has held several jobs but life has not been easy for the couple in the northeast and they decided to move back to Wisconsin.

Daniels a musician by trade took small odd jobs on the side to keep working while Sarah kept up with the children and worked outside the home when she could. Sarah returned to Wisconsin in May to pick up a vehicle from her father and made arrangements to move back to the badger state in September with her parents Richard and Cleen Poquette. Poquette did not make her plans known about moving back until just recently when she set the window of time of her move back to Oneida. The family is expected to move back into the Poquette Homestead Hotel sometime late next month, although no actual date has yet been set for their arrival.

It is not clear if Rick Poquette will continue to also live at the Poquette Homestead Hotel or move out upon the arrival of the Daniels-Poquette family. Rick Poquette moved in shortly after a bitter divorce in March ended his marriage, but he took a short break from the Homestead Hotel to live in a tent for a few weeks in Manitowoc. Should all stay the Poquette Homestead Hotel would rival the Sobieck boarding house next door for number of souls living under one roof. While the Poquette Homestead Hotel has no decent pool like the Sobieck Boarding House the rent is much cheaper I understand, and use of the now defunct bread bag pool constructed by children in the early 1970'S is not restricted. Those bold enough to try the pool are warned to watch out for rusty roofing nails however. I'm betting that once the weather turns cold the Sobieck sons now living at the Boarding House will opt for the lower rent at the Homestead Hotel since the pool would be a non issue then.

Sarah "Angel" Poquette will be able to bring her children to Jean Poquette-Seidl's home to enjoy pumpkin carving with all the other children this year since her arrival will be well before the event. Poquette-Seidl announced the date last week along with the usual supply of delicious chili and sloppy joes craved by this writer and everyone else attending. If Poquette is lucky she will even be able to get in on a "crying jag" party held after the regular party started last year by several attending who were feeling overwhelmed.