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Julia Roberts look alike, Chrissy Meeuwsen rejoices over her cornucopia of prizes she received in the white elephant gift exchange
A katandmick photo
B-Rez almost can't believe her eyes at the unusual gift received in the gift exchange from Jean Poquette-Seidl
A katandmick photo
ast night December 20 was the Fat Club Christmas Party and as usual it was a success as was the food and everything else. Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck stunned everyone with her superb meal of Beef Wellington, a meal guarenteed to fill up even the most hungry person. The steak inside was of the most tender quality and they were done to perffection. Along with the Wellington were sides
of salad, thinly sliced carrots and freshly baked dinner rolls. Practically every type of beverage was available before hand and coffee rounded out the choices for dinner. Before dinner hors' devours were in abundance with several types of cheeses available, liver paste and a veggie tray, along with gallons of wine consumed by most of the official FC members.

Following dinner the traditional white elephant gift exchange occurred. It began with Rick Prevost playing music on his phone to everyone passing their gifts in one direction and when the music stopped they were to reverse direction. The plan never gelled however when the passing of gifts began because such a clatter from the members speaking over the top of each other and the sound of packages being handed from one to another drowned out the music. Now add in the grumping over someone winding up with two gifts each time directions changed and you've got chaos, whereby Rick just began yelling out when to reverse direction. In the end no one payed attention to Rick and they just did what they wanted to do anyway. Possibly the best gift was received by Brittany Rezek who opened her package to find a doll kit for a black baby doll that had four hands and no feet. She also received a cookie jar in the same gift all prepared by Jean Poquette-Seidl. A specialty gift was received by Ellie Schilling, a sigh from Trixie who knew that she cautions the children in her care not to copy anything her neighbor does. So she and Kevin crafted a sign warning people visiting her daycare not to do what Lex Luther does. The gift exchange seemed a success as no one wound up with anything they desired and strangely enough no one received a white elephant.

A revelation by Stephonia Prevost alerted everyone that the couple should be finishing their home by the middle of February. Stephonia made the announcement over drinks at the Fat Club Christmas Party after resting up from hauling drywall all day with her husband Rick. The Prevosts began construction on the home shortly before Halloween and they plan to complete much of the interior work themselves. The home is located east of De Pere in the Town of Ledgeview. Trixie Sobieck broke the news to the couple days before that Oliver and Daisy, the Prevost daags have come to her and apparently spoke to her about staying at the Sobieck's after the couple moves to Ledgeview. It seems Trixie promised the daags that they could stay at their modest Hobart home when they depart. What was not clear is if they will remain Prevosts or change their names to Oliver and Daisy Sobieck.

Everyone had a good time even though Jean Poquette-Seidl became ill and had to leave early, she still did have a good time. Wednesday December 24 the Christmas Eve party will go on as promised here at the KAMR headquarters in the Town of Oneida. Dinner will be served about 6 PM.

Julia Roberts