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A katandmick photo
A katandmick photo
Jean Poquette-Seidl appears concerned after learning a bottle of wine was accidentally spilled as supplies ran low Christmas Eve
hristmas eve never fails to amaze this writer every year with it's loyal attendance. This year was no exception as guests poured into the KAMR headquarters as the food was prepared. Arriving first this year was Kate Treml along with her boyfriend Bob who were a great help in helping setting up for the party by arranging the bowls of munchies and helping get the bread ready and
getting information for me about how long to cook the potatoes'. Next came the rest of the Tremls who all pitched in to help while I cut up the ham. Dinner this year was a bit late and came at about 7 PM but no one seemed to mind and everyone kept busy chatting or watching the free presentation of the Turkey Bowl number XV. All in all after the count was made it would seem that 62 people attended the Christmas Eve party this year not counting the Kat and myself.

After everyone was done eating the usual bedlam followed with the passing out of the children's gifts followed by the confusing but fun "As seen on TV" gift exchange. This involves everyone who brought such a gift to stand in a circle which is a task in itself considering that there are about 32 people involved. Gifts leave their original giver and are shuffled around the group in a clockwise direction until the boss of the gifts (who's identity was unknown for the most part) shouted to change direction causing a chain reaction of gift collisions. When the order was given by the aforementioned gift boss to open your gift, some of the crashing of gifts had not yet ceased and individuality had to be restored before the final gifts were opened. There eventually were and about 50% of the people who liked what they got and 50% made the wrinkled wincing face that's made mostly from curiosity, of which I can only surmise that they are wondering what to do with the device they just won.

The merry elf of the evening was of course Jean Poquette-Seidl cheering up everyone she came in contact with. Poquette-Seidl received a new hat from her sister Eileen (Trixie) Sobieck of which she displayed proudly all night. The party continued on as usual with everyone visiting and most had left by 10 PM with a few remaining until nearly midnight. B-Rez and husband Jeremy were the last to pull out of the yard just after her parental units Kevin and Trixie Sobieck.

As usual next weeks edition of The Newsletter will be the year in review edition. Along with that will be the predictions for next year and a review of the previous years predictions to see if we hit any on the head. To submit your prediction in an email click here.
Guests visit at the KAMR headquarters Christmas Eve