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February 2, 2014
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A katandmick photo
                hould the saga that is Chicken Night continue? That is the question of the day.

Friday Night an informal gathering of Poquette Family members sat down to a fish plate dinner at the pub and grill in far West De Pere known as TNC's pub bar. The impromptu gathering was thought up by none other that our own "Kat" who attended the event bad knees and all. The bar is the second work place home of Alex Pickett who for the
last several months has been employed at night as a bar tender. Pickett attained his bar tending license several weeks ago and can now solely run the establishment and supervise other bar tenders, and chicken tenders.
At first glance family members were not able to be seen past the odd collection of off duty snow plow drivers and landscapers but after peeling our way through the crowd negotiating past arm waving men dressed in Carhartt brand hats and jackets it was clear the group had been pushed to the back of the bar. No one seemed to mind however as those sitting at the bar across from us guzzled beer and swallowed deep fried cheese curds whole. A nice raven haired lady came quickly and took our order probably knowing that our tolerance of the mechanical shovel drivers was about to wear thin. She spoke highly of Alex touting his work ethic and responsibility virtues. I was unable to tell if she was stroking me for a large tip or was sincere. Later on, I surmised that she was sincere since her opinion had not changed after the bill was paid and the tip was left.

A small but respectable group of 13 people attended the gala event and by no means enough to give the OK to the establishment to resume Chicken Night. Further visits will be needed I'm sure to give the nod to TNC's as the new chicken night meeting place. A range of opinions swept over the guests as they consumed fish dinners. Joanne Lade felt only "luke warm" about the place citing the lack of any chicken dinners on the menu other than chicken tenders. She says that's not chicken. Other's seemed to range from really liking it to giving it a bearable pass. Those of you who were there Friday and anybody who has eaten there in the past are invited to participate in the informal poll on the opposite side of this page.
Alex Pickett
Chicken Night goers unite at a former establishment
New things on the horizon will be an entertainment section where your humble reporter will review old classic, quirky, and interesting films, as well as some newer movies in attempt to save you the grief sitting through or a rental of a disastrous film. The Newsletter on this site, the meat and potatoes of the publication will stay, as will the archive, but the content will be decided by the readers. Many negative comments were directed at this writer covering stories in a "tabloid journalism fashion". The question is should this continue, or should the publication stick to only factual stories that can be backed up by the original source?

Responding to readers questions as to whether the site will become more friendly to smart phone users, we here at the KAMR feel the investment in technology to make the site appear better on phones is a waste of time and money since "smart phone" technology is unproven and the phones may disappear as fast as it appeared. No we will not be smart phone friendly, the desktop is here to stay and the answer for the future.

Should Chicken Night officially adopt TNC's as it's new home?

Should The Newsletter tone down the rhetoric or stay as it is? Should the publication not report on stories without the subjects permission?

The Kat and Mick Report will be undergoing changes in the next few weeks with some of the past popular pages being scrapped in favor of new and innovative writing. Gone will be Idiotiocity Comment, the Birthday Page, and the Links page. The party page will also be deleted as will the Sports Archive and Blog. It seems Facebook has made this type of material unnecessary.
That's all the news that is news, see ya.