The News for Sunday February 16 , 2014
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t might be hard to believe but Rick Prevost, husband of Stephonia Prevost and father of Bailey Prevost is 40 years old according to official county records held at the Brown County Clerk's Office. Prevost was the man of the hour last night in a surprise party thrown by his wife Stephonia. Prevost walked in with a gift tucked under his arm for what he thought was a party for someone else at friends of the Prevosts in their upscale home located in East De Pere's posh Mystery Hills Golf Course neighborhood. 
Rick Prevost (center) stands taller than any other in the photo taken just after his arrival to the Birthday Surprise Party.
Prevost was visibly taken back as the couple entered the Robert's Basement Bar on Dollar Road, East De Pere. He seemed as though he couldn't believe that all these people were here to help celebrate his birthday. Olympic games played on large screen TV's strategically placed in the comfortable basement getaway where most of the guests stayed for the evening as snow fell outside. The party raged on and guests enjoyed adult beverages provided by either the hosts of the party or Stephonia Prevost, it was not made clear but no one had to bring any of their own beverages to the party.

Eileen "Trixie" Sobieck and her husband Kevin arrived at the party shortly before the guest of honor arrived and Trixie was feeling much better after a long afternoon nap. Sobieck mumbled a complaint earlier at the "Fat Club" gathering to the effect that her tooth that had been pulled was hurting quite a bit and mader her feel "out of it". But after closer examination of her wording after asking her to repeat herself she had been feeling out of it because of some kind of sinus infection. The Sobiecks were just getting warmed up when we left the party to seek shelter because of the heavy snow.

According to the mother of Kaitlyn Treml, Judy Treml Kaitlyn has accepted a job at Pappa Murphy's Pizza in the Green Bay Plazza and she has been pleased with the results. Treml who has never held a real job working for anyone else but her parents works weekends and after school making and selling pizzas. Her sister Emily, who lately has taken to looking a lot like Niki Manaj in her facebook photos, is delighted at Kate's employment and the side benefits of pizzas to take home when customers don't pick them up or too many were made for the day. Kate-Land recently took as many as 7 pizza's home in one day.
The Treml's refrigerater stuffed with pizza's after Kate-Land brings home the culled pizza's from work
Judy Treml went on to say that the daughters abhore their new dishwasher and are refusing to either load or unload it. Kate-Land suggested that she hopes the machine breaks so that they don't have to use it anymore. Judy Treml advised the teen that she didn't have to use it at all and that she could wash dishes by hand if that was a better alternative than loading or unloading the dish washer. Treml had no explanation for why her adolescent daughters refuse the convienience of the dishwasher and stated that she finds no reason to not use the machine. When asked if this would be the "straw that broke the camels back" and maybe at this point she would break down and hire a maid she abruptly said "no" without so much as one second of thought.
Judy Treml has recanted, but at one time considered hiring a maid to clean up the daughters "messy" room
Scott Treml the father of the duaghters approved of the maid after meeting her
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